Miracle Escape In Bahrain

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A truly lucky escape walking away with some minor burns and reportedly a few cracked ribs.


The car penetrated the barrier and looks as though the car chassis was snapped in half exposing the fuel cell resulting in a fire ball. The debate over the halo has been proven right today and that case has now been closed by this.
Very lucky he wasn't knocked out with this impact and was able to start getting himself out which helped.

The crash we saw today at the Bahrain Grand Prix showed how safety has changed Formula One for the better. If the Haas car being driven by Romain Grosjean didn't have the Halo protection he would have been killed. The driver protection cell that is made out of carbon fiber plus the addition of the halo is what saved him today.

Half a car on the wrong side of the barrier with the halo protecting Romains head.

The drivers have 4 layers of protective fire proof clothing plus 3 overalls on top of that. They have gloves, a fire proof head balaclava plus a helmet which is the best type of protection right now. The visor looks to have started to melt showing how hot this was. He was a lucky man today.
The doctor grabbing Romain as he climbs out over the barrier.

What was interesting about this crash is the car was cut in half by the barrier like a can opener. The front half with the driver inside went through and underneath the barrier with the back half remaining on the track side.

What was alarming was the fireball that happened on impact that engulfed the car and driver. The safety medical car that follows the race start is about 20 seconds behind the race cars and is equipped with a doctor plus a driver with and a fire extinguisher which was crucial today.
Can't believe he walked away from this.

When the halo was first introduced a few years ago many were skeptical that if a car was engulfed in flames evacuating a driver in an emergency would be tricky. Today proved it was possible and most importantly the halo worked doing it's job otherwise Romain would have hit the barrier with his helmet. Hitting the barriers at 140 mph there is no question he would have been killed without the safety features.

The car is not the failure on this occasion, but the safety barrier needs to be looked at more deeply. The impact that happened was so severe that the barrier worked partially and actually made matters worse by cutting the car in half. The sheer impact and sudden deceleration of the car has reportedly left him with a few broken ribs and some light burns on his hands and ankles.

This was a survival and still a win for Formula One as we tend to forget how dangerous this sport really is. How many times have we seen someone die in the past for a new safety feature to happen. This time fortunately that isn't the case and the only safety feature requiring re thinking is the barrier itself.

The barriers on the straights are different to the corners and possibly the answer is to make them all the same. No one can tell what can happen and is the second time we have seen a crash on a straight in the last two years.

The medical team showed what training does and they dived straight in and helped. The Formula One car is full of batteries and that thought never entered their heads. The help was on hand within 20 seconds and luckily this didn't happen at turn 7 or 8 as that medical car would have been further behind taking longer to help when time is crucial. Possibly the medical car needs to be a supercar and upgraded to be able to stay as close as possible. The AMG One springs to mind and would be a great addition increasing the safety even more.


just saw this, and he walking it off is a miracle of technology. he made a hole in the barrier and walk out of a burning car. Safety of the car and equipment is on the other level.

it could be a flaw of the barrier design but it also could be just the angle that he hit it.
Halo saved his life this time for sure.

True it was made worse by the angle of the impact which they need to look at as improvements can be made.

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