Solein: A Carbon-Neutral Source Of Protein?

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Considering the fact that the plant kingdom needs CO2, this whole carbon-meal project is an absolute absurdity. But of course there is much more to earn from it than to reforest deforested areas as it takes 1 or 2 decades for trees to reach a size that is big enough to make the difference. Such an investment would not find any investors whatsoever.

As said in our blog Real "Greens vs Fake Greens": none of these so-called green organizations appeal to end supermarket shopping, sweat shop and branded clothes, money deposits with big banks, fast food chains, household chemicals. They just want their govs to pour billions of dollars into the economy, in the name of "climate change", to keep their jobs.

So let's call scientism to the rescue!

But here at Earth Custodians, we feel like it is another "Synthetic Biology" experiment that is set to be marketed, while it is sold to us as a "green product". As a matter of fact, they claim to have joined the man-made meat industry, which is the result of "SynBio", and we do not know the long-term side effects of ingesting these "new lab" products. But on the other hand, we do have the evidence that GMOs are hazardous to human health.

And this means that we should really stay away from such foods! We will keep an eye open as time goes, as we are sure that alternative health sites will soon publish their own investigations, and we will report back to you.

As long as monetarism rules the game, science will remain a deceptive field. Science so rarely fixes the problems it has helped create but adds new ones on top of all others. And it is time for REAL scientists to speak up!

NASA's idea for making food from thin air just became a reality — it could feed billions. Here's why you might eat greenhouse gases in the future. | 19 July, 2019

  1. The company's protein powder, "Solein," is similar in form and taste to wheat flour.
  2. Based on a concept developed by NASA, the product has wide potential as a carbon-neutral source of protein.
  3. The man-made "meat" industry just got even more interesting.

The advent of a promising source of protein derived from two of the most renewable things we have, CO₂ and sunlight, gets us out of the planet-destruction business at the same time as it offers the promise of a stable, long-term solution to one of the world's most fundamental nutritional needs.

While company plans are always moderated by unforeseen events — including the availability of sufficient funding — Solar Foods plans a global commercial rollout for Solein in 2021 and to be producing two million meals annually, with a revenue of $800 million to $1.2 billion by 2023. By 2050, they hope to be providing sustenance to 9 billion people as part of a $500 billion protein market....



The Scary Thing About Synthetic Biology (MARCH 2019)


Shocking. But yeah. Sounds dangerous. Hypothetically delicious and healthy. So, I actually like the idea of Solar Food, but only theoretically as it might be too synthetic or too extracted or too incomplete.

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