American Companies Ordered Over 29,000 Robots This Year

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Companies around the U.S. are turning to robots to get the job done. Names like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and others, are embracing robot delivery.

Various restaurants and other industries have been struggling to find workers who are willing to do the job, they cannot offer a wage attractive enough to fill the position. Rather than turning to closing down the business and having more people lose their jobs and options to eat in the market etc, they've turned to robots to help.

In the U.S. this year more than 29,000 robots have been ordered because of labor shortages and this has given a drastic boost to the industry as covid did for online shopping and online grocery ordering etc, telemedicine and more.

The robots are seen making drinks, frying, delivering food to tables, and helping maintain operations so that those restaurants and small businesses can stay open.

Restaurants often don't have a high margin for expenses, every penny matters in doing business. There aren't unlimited wages that those restaurants can pay to those who are serving or making food, there is a limit. If they cannot hire someone to that position for what they can afford, but they can find a technology alternative to bring a solution then this helps to keep businesses operational and food options in the market open.

Whether these robots are helping to deliver groceries home to the elderly or delivering plates to tables at a Chick-fil-A, they have proven that they can provide value, and they have been used as a solution to helping businesses stay open and functioning during these difficult times.


Only 29,000 ?
What's the hold up?

And i find it weird that companies are replacing servers, etc with robots.
But, to them it probably seems obvious.

To me, this is just a waste of time and money as society completely transforms.
Why have an office building, when most of what is done is paperwork?
Why have a supermarket when the products are so generic and ubiquitous?
And then, why have a restaurant?

From my view, the service industry is completely gone.
Our grand-children (if we can have them after the VAXXX) will be regaled with tales of the "restaurant" experience.

Why have a delivery driver? And if so, why have a building where things are cooked?
Soon, there will just be a box that travels around and spits out pizzas.

It will make the pizza while on way to deliver, my thing about these robots that replace low wage jobs, is who will be able to afford it without a job 🤷🤔


They are replacing a common job now... that in aggregate, the wages created / paid for.

The whole thing unwinds.

I suspect that they are hung up on the definition of what is a robot.

Is a robotic arm in an assembly plant a robot?

An ATM is a machine that counts money. There's about a half million ATMs.

The self-check out stands at grocery stores perform the manual task of tallying up grocery purchases. I was looking at the paving machine that is resurfacing a local freeway. One machine does most of the tasks associated with laying pavement.

The robotic revolution is happening with things that don't really look like robots.

It isnt going to stop. The expectation growth rate over the next few years is trending up.

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