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There were a couple of posts lately about finding decent authors to follow and a lot of lists with various great author were filled (and hopefully followed). Let's take another approach here: why not check the blockchain data to find out who gained the most followers lately?

Wisdom of the crowd, what could possibly go wrong?

Boy, was I wrong...

Here's the list of the top 20 accounts that gained the most followers since Oct. 1st 2019, so within the last ~8 weeks:

Authornew followers

There we go, highly dominated by bots. Help me - Which is the highest ranked "human" account in this list?

  • steemyoda has ~700k SP, hasn't posted for months and has a buggy bot script but seems to give out generous votes. but 1500+ follows based on this?
  • raise-me-up/voteme/tipu/therising - maybe also follows due to votes given out?
  • marcusmalone wasn't posting for months and seems to run a script to follow anybody, which may get them follow-backs
  • sp-group: a polish curation group - is this the winner here?
  • dtube: no need to explain I guess
  • anomaly and merlin7 look like curation bots
  • followforupvotes and haccolong: follow for upvotes...
  • pasie15: their daily inspirational quote certainly isn't the reason for 400+ new followers...

OK, this approach didn't work very well - at least not to find authors worth to follow :D

This post was possible with the free hivemind database access given out by @emrebeyler:

Thanks a lot for this!

Hivemind stores all follow and un-follow operations in a table called hive_follows, with the state (follow/unfollow), the user ids of following and followed account as well as a timestamp. Here's the query used to get the top 20 list above:

select, count( as following, hive_follows."following"
from hive_follows 
join hive_accounts a1 on hive_follows.follower =
join hive_accounts a2 on hive_follows.following =
where hive_follows.created_at > '2019-10-01' and hive_follows.state = 1
group by a2."name", hive_follows."following"
order by count( desc
limit 20; 

Note that this query might double-count situations where users follow another account while already following it or unfollow->follow situations.

Any particular data you'd like to see from a hivemind DB access? Leave a comment below and I'll evaluate.

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Used to converse with @merlin7, but that’s only possible off chain.

@crypto.piotr is likely the most human one out there. Then, it’s @hoaithu, which is linked to @haccolong. They both comment back if you talk to them.

oh, thanks for the additional info! I agree on crypto-piotr, he's very active with comments and memos.

Follow the money?!

certainly! who knows, maybe it helps? Most of the bots don't post anyway, so no garbage in the feed... :D

Nice one @crookon!
Emrebeyler was nice and gave me access to the database as well, but havent test yet :) Hope to do it soon.

Your results are interesting .... not want we want :)
I think authors with the most comments are maybe something to recomend.... Will try to do something like it

thanks @dalz! Most comments is tricky, that is likely very much biased by bots... You might have to apply some kind of blacklist. Looking forward to your results!

Yes ... a lot of comments by bots as well... some workaround will be needed!

Have you seen my comment bot API?

oh great! will have a look, thanks!

So is there anyway to see who are the real humans that have gained the most followers? Maybe by looking at their posts and comments that are not automated content?

I think it's hard to come up with an algorithm which can detect that. There are a couple of 'blacklists' out there which list known bots and I think steemplus also has a classification built in. Combining follower data with those lists may give a better picture. But maintaining those lists is tedious, so they are not necessarily always up to date.

Thanks for the data... I think I have 1 or 2 new followers since october, haha... no more people around?!? Maybe I'm too weird, hahahaaaaa

Make that 2 or 3 now ^_^

Hahaha, yeah!!! My goal is 2020 followers by 2020... but it's kind of impossible in these days :-(

you actually had 24 new followers since October - all others must be following you already ;)

Oh not that bad... 2k is closer, oh yeah :-)
Thanks for the accurate numbers.


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