@maxigan announces the earth is flat

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Max Igan is clearly an advanced minded human with some incredibly insightful thoughts on our ancient history and the various lies humanity has been subjected to over the years.

His video presentations have earned him over 200K subscribers on YouTube.
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Just recently I wrote a piece on what's really happing in Australia and as a consequence learned that @maxigan was posting his films on steem these days, which is great!

Until YouTube deletes his channel of course.

Pineal gland 'light flash'

Sinking under the radar for a week the rumours started flying. Some were saying he had been kidnapped, others that he had been murdered.

Yesterday he reappeared with two films.

The first was six seconds long and he made just one statement in it: "The Earth is flat".

The film has since then been deleted for some reason.

A few hours later a second film arrived, with a little more in the way of explanation. Though if I'm gonna be honest, not too much.

While the film is very interesting it feels less prepared than his usual presentations and also somewhat mysterious.

And what's with the swastika he has drawn on the palm of his left hand? Is he trying to tell us something?

Screen Shot 20200116 at 19.38.17.png

What he basically says is that five days ago he lay down on his bed and felt a bright light shine from outside into his pineal gland. He received a flash of information which he has been processing for five days and believes now that he can see the complete workings of what he describes as 'the game'. With levels that can be completely only by one person. Like The Matrix.

But also like Highlander, because "there can be only one!"

He said a bunch of interesting things really.

  • The Earth will be scorched by the elite
  • Global warming is a lie
  • The upcoming ice age will take full effect in 2022
  • If we want to survive what is coming we must move between the 33rd parallel lines.

Weirdly I couldn't find a map showing the 33rd parallels, so this 45th parallel map will have to do.
Screen Shot 20200116 at 20.42.26.png

Flat Earth

He says he should have told us the truth about this long ago but does not go into any specifics behind the flat earth model. He simply says that the playground we so lovingly refer to as Earth is flat and enclosed in a dome. He says our weather systems are manufactured and that clouds are a by-product of machines out at sea.

What do I think?

On this occasion I'm not telling. I have posted about the shape of our Playground before but I didn't enjoy it all that much. For some reason this subject seems to attract lots of angry people.

So rather than put myself on the line and make this about me and my beliefs I would prefer to make this about Max!

Are you in agreement with him?

Do you have any thoughts on the shape of our Playground?


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Whatever Max is smoking, I want some! Sounds like good stuff. I don't really want to get into a flat earth debate, it's like a religion. People who think the earth is flat will think so no matter what. It's pointless. Nice to read your posts Sam, happy new year.

Indeed, he did appear to be 'out there somewhere'. And yeah, it looked like fun!

I can see that like me you have been down the discussion path already and found it to be fruitless. Better to just get on with having fun!

All the best to you :)

that clouds are a by-product of machines out at sea.

That's a new one... I am sure that there are discussions & description of clouds from thousands of years ago. For example I know that the greek comedy by Aristophanes named "Clouds" was writen in the 5th century BC.

By @maxigan's account, are we to believe that these machines in the sea are there for at least 2500 years? Who put them there, and why? Don't they need maintainance??

Not trying to start an internet debate here, just putting my thoughts into words -- with a subtle smile!

I must admit, the cloud producing machines out at sea was a new one for me too. And he gave us nothing to back up his statement. So am none the wiser.

Thanks for your subtle smile ;)

My thoughts:

  1. Max Igan is a shill
    2.There are two sorts of flat earthers - shills and retards...

Excellent! Hadn't seen the cat version of the flat earth model before ;)

I think you could be right about the shill bit. Watching another video he has produced today he says "I just wanted to get everyone's attention".


Anyway, great to catch up with you my friend.

Happy new decade :)

This surprises me that people would believe this. Haven't people made similar famous predictions in the past, and turned out wrong? I remember 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world.

With your drone photography and photogrammetry, doesn't the mapping application account for the curviture of the earth as part of equation to create a flat ortho image? I have been in the mapping industry for over ten years. We are able to make maps that are ortho correct, with perfect image measurements within 6 inches precison.

I'll admit the math is way over my head, and I've seen some crazy photos over the years. Mapping Mount Saint Helens for five years showed me some frightening data (it never sleeps).

Am less fussed about all of this today as he has since released another video in which he has lessened the effect of this one. While I may not believe everything that is said in relation to the size of our Playground, I do still find it interesting to hear the arguments out so that I can assess them individually.

Your history in map making sounds fascinating. With my drone I've only ever mapped relatively small areas. Am not aware of curvature being as part of the equations for drone mapping software, but that's not to say it isn't.

All the best to you :)

Thanks @samstonehill. I can appreciate a good world theory, vision, or prophecy as much as anyone.

Prophecy can be shady territory, so I take it only with a grain of salt. The only person who can genuinely know if a prophet is the real deal is the god/spirit who gives them this power. Often times a real prophet does not even know if they are interpreting correctly or not, and they might feel like they have been abandoned and are going mad.

To know who is a truly guided prophet, it is a huge gamble of a guessing game and faith can be easily misguided by choosing to follow the wrong person. Would you trust a wise friend who told you they can pick the lucky numbers at a Casino game if they told you they used to work there and can tip you off as long as you are willing to spend at least $1000 before you start winning? Business scams often make "too good to be true" promises to watch out for.

In some cases in history, things happened by chance to line up with a prophetic prediction, and we often view it serendipity or divinely foretold, but that does not prove it is spirit guided. Perhaps it was. There is no way to know, other than to believe and trust, correctly or not. A gamble.

At least that is the way I see it in my life.

You are right to be wary of so called prophets. In this case however I don't see his predictions as prophetic. And if I'm going to be honest, I was onboard with all of them already, with the exception of the 33rd parallel idea, which by the way relates to Freemasonry.

  • The elite are a troublesome bunch who love to demonstrate global warming, just as they have done so well in Australia, so his statement about scorching the earth doesn't seem impossible.

  • Global warming is a lie. I'm not in too much doubt about that. Plenty of data to prove this.

  • Ice age in 2022. This is a few years earlier than I was expecting, but seems possible to me, again based on data.

It has been noted that my reaction to the above (around a year ago) only increased my resolve to live a sustainable off-grid lifestyle. So, even if the shit never hits the fan, I will not have used my time counterproductively ;)

Nice! Bet that cost a few bob.

I've follow @maxiagn for a long time and he provides a lot of fantastic information. Not quite sure what to make of all this he has since released two more videos I am just about to watch.

I do indeed believes the polar shift is due and could be 2022 this I know is coming. I have thoughts (i guess) and meditations about the next age but umm need to contemplate this bit more. I like you won't get into the status of the shape of the Earth haha 💯🐒

Yes, the pole shift could be the big event he was referring to. For sure the movement is speeding up. What effect this will have on our Playground is the tricky bit to predict.

All we can really do is focus on creating sustainable lives...

That's it for sure we create a positive energy around us have a ripple effect. He's done another video explains it all a built better. To be honest don't really agree myself but some very vilid points in there 💯🐒

I watched it. And hmmm. Not too sure why he felt the urge to align this subject with flat earth? Doesn't seem related.

Still, no matter if we are slaves of an aura eating overlord or not... crypto is still going up!!! yay :)

Haha yes this is true! I'm still not convinced on the earth shape but know my path is developing and good things are coming 💯🐒

For anyone wanting to watch the deleted video it was has since been re-uploaded here: