Is The Earth Flat?

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Question: Is the Earth flat?

Answer: It DOES NOT matter if it's a sphere, a pear, a flat plane, hollow, a simulation...

Follow up: Instead of wasting time arguing among ourselves about things that we have no way of proving to each other (much less "the masses"), how about we focus on the things we can all agree on, the things we all need, the things that make life on Earth tangibly BETTER, like:

  • Healing our trauma
  • Learning to communicate more lovingly & compassionately
  • Growing our own food
  • Removing our consent/energy from the systems of control & oppression
  • Connecting with the people around us

That's all I've got to say on this topic.

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Another good connection Kenny.
I never saw the "Flat Earth" Topic in the "Divide & Conquer" pot 😉
But it's true, let's take care of Life first/ save Life on this planet...
Enjoy the Sun😀

The Whirled is just my Solipsism so no worries!

We should Build-A-Burger sometime!

A little comedy. Enjoy!

Couldn't have said it better myself Kenny, it doesn't matter, how about putting all that energy and focus into making the world a better place! Oh how many times this conversation has come up!. Hope life is treating you well in Mexico xx

I've luckily avoided this conversation for most of the last year and a half (since the last time I was at Anarchapulco), but it came up in a Telegram group the other day... prompting this video, and the deleting of a bunch of Telegram groups :-P
I love that you are doing this vid - and here in this post that I wrote 3 fucking years ago - and only one or 2 people got it and several others wanted to fight...

Yep, it's definitely one of those conversations that doesn't ever seem to change. I left a HUGE comment on some post about this back in the early days of STEEM that I was going to include here, but I got tired of looking for it.

Great post, so simple, all that matters about this topic. Pretty hilarious to see the multiple people jump in swinging, not realizing there was no fight to be had. Haha!

yea, it's a great way to take the temperature of the freedom in the freedom movement for sure...blessings! and I am so happy for you that you are in Mexico - it must be a relief to get out of Dodge...