Are you ready for a crazy adventure?

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hello i'm new to hive blog and i felt like i belong here Anyway, without boring you any more, i leave you with a crazy risky adventure.
I am a 23 year old young man with goals and ideals.
All my life I wanted to be a copthe uniform was always attractive
I tried many times and finally I won.I was in joy walking with a small smile on my face
I was leaving the city I was in and going to become a policeman, was there anyone happier than me at that moment :)
I finally became a cop, but something was missing, I couldn't understand
I didn't feel like I belonged there, I was in the place I've dreamed of for years, but
there was something missing I couldn't understand I didn't feel lik
I belonged there


months passed and the call came, it was an offer to work at another institution, this
if i accepted the job offer i would take time for myself now you are thinking what are you going to do with this time

In a symposium I attended, the speaker said that the worst part of the world is working, we had to wake up every morning and go to work.


I don't want it I want to be free I can only buy my freedom with money
famous investor says these words, if you can't find a way to make money while you sleep, you have to work all your life
The problem starts right here, what was I going to do, how was I going to make money

quitting being a policeman was not welcomed around me, my loved ones gave advice, I took advice from my family, but they were all against me, they almost surrounded me, but nobody knows that, I never give up

I had to follow my goals, my desires, whatever the outcome.
I left the police force, even though it was difficult, and started my new job.
I have different ideas in my head I need to buy my freedom as soon as possible
I didn't have any savings. There is inflation all over the world. I need to turn this to my advantage. I took a loan from the bank and started investing.
I will be able to pay this loan more easily after two months and five months later.

Einstein said that everyone has talent in different areas, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will believe that it is stupid for the rest of its life.

I also have an inventive side, I'm just discovering myself, I have an energy idea that is self-sufficient, partially similar to a generator, I'm working on it and the good thing is I know how to do it.
I promise I'll share it with you first when I'm done
I know that one day I will buy my freedom, but I also know that I am on the day of my oldest life in my life, I want to live my youth to the fullest in this short human life that I will not be able to return to this day tomorrow.I want to live
At worst, I will raise the welfare level, I believe, if I don't believe, I wouldn't try
I can't wait to talk to you in different areas.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post see you again :)