Well since the barber shop has been is closed i sure feel like one :)))

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Well since the barber shop has been is closed i sure feel like one :))). Not that anyone will notice so many guys are just lazy as heck, and besides that who's going to notice :))). myself soon as my beard appears so does the itching madness begins lol not my forte right? So after a month or so a wolfman is not so far fetched these days with mutating viruses and what have you and this story as creepy as it is great entertainment value and could see a few country folk stocking up on silver bullets and stuff (just in case :))))_ and by the looks of it it might be hard to tell whose who or whats what since the beard thing started kinda hard to tell them apart.. the animals that is :)))


looking at old movies seems to past time well and gives me some interesting ideas for later lol :))) there's just so many of them this is a fun choice:))) as the terror of being attacked by a werewolf is woven into the scene i can actually see people shopping for silver bullets :))) i can imagine the science that created these monsters the old stories behind the legend of a contagious blood hungry ruthless are still here to this day so yeah nothing like a good blood thirsty wolf to get the villagers attention the ladies love it big hairy guy and all by today's style standards hes in style, beard, nails and all :))). So the full moon is when the crazies come out hmm :))) lol


i know i know must be fur and blood stains everywhere and also hard on the shoes but hey it's only a once a month gig :)))