If you use because in your sentence, people are more likely to do what you ask them to!

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I have just done something I have never done before... I have bought an online course on Udemy. In fact, I haven't bought just one, but I have bought five (some sort of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal), so now I have courses that are waiting to give me the knowledge and make my world a little bit bigger.

But, before I bought the actual courses, I watched through quite a lot of preview clips, and based on what I saw and heard, I decided not to go for a couple of courses, but I also decided to purchase a couple of courses. One of the courses I decided to buy was the one dealing with the mind and sharing 15 amazing experiments helping us understand the mind and how it works.

And yes, one of the classes was about the word BECAUSE and how it influences the outcome of a question.


Using the word because might actually help you...

In the class, the teacher referred to two different studies in which a person stood by a copying machine, ready to copy the necessary papers. Later a person was sent there asking whether or not he could get to use the copying machine before the other person who already stood there.

The interesting thing was that in 64% of the cases, the answer was yes.
But, when the person approaching added the word because, the rate went to 94%.

However, that wasn't the most interesting part. The lecture referred to how they used two different arguments:

  • Because I am in a rush...
  • Because I need to make copies...

As you can see, the second reason is just totally stupid. Of course, you have to use the copying machine. But, it was shown that once again, the world BECAUSE makes the difference, because the same amount of people said yes, even when the reason wasn't a good one.

Why do people say yes as you use because even if the reason is bad?

According to the lecture, people said yes when you had a reason, simply because they don't really listen to your request. They hear the word because, meaning that they believe that you have a valid reason, and thus, they give up the right to copy first.

It was also added that if you brought 100 papers and had to copy them, then it wouldn't work. But, for small requests, adding the word because might actually give you favor in the eyes of other people and help you get your stuff done, even if you are not the one in line.

What do you think?

Have you read this article? Did you find it interesting? Do you believe that it is really so, or are you skeptical? To be honest, I am a bit skeptical to this myself, but I can also imagine that it is true.

Do you have any experience yourself?!


This is quite interesting and funny about the because used in answering or replying someone.

Well, I guess it was an interesting study... and would be curious to do some experimenting myself in my personal life. No matter what, it seems to me as if social psychology has turned into something I find rather interesting!