purchases, September 24th



Probably gonna rock In-n-Out at the block party tomorrow.

To jump right into the game, I'm not purchasing something unless I believe the price is right. This varies at times, since I will spend nearly any amount on lunch, but loathe paying my college loan repayments, for example. Necessary evils, right? Yet, I begin to understand that sustainable habits begin diligent efforts, like emptying one's wardrobe as the season changes and items come out of use. I do not mean to spend every quarter on clothes, yet there's no reason I should have to choose from a palette of tees I got in the eighth grade. 8 year old clothing aside, for all the right reasons, I will still not pay the wrong price. I'm even combing assets for the right amount of satoshi before I purchase.


@darke takes this one folks. She's closest to the price of this garment, with a guess of $12. I spent 11.24 USD. Gotta thank chucky7593 for this one.


@mchauvet22 dripping with her latest cop.

There's now less liquid Bitcoin to buy than at 2018's 'generational lows'. I had access to the content prior to its paywall coming up. You don't need to subscribe to their service to gather something key here. Scarcity drives demand up, influencing the price. I do not think there will be a time where Bitcoin will be out of demand- we're talking about a change as monumental as the smartphone to our everyday lives. The Lightning Network launched tips in tokens via Twitter. You think this is going to disappear quietly?


I will keep playing my game til' it breaks. I take good care though, so I don't think the jig will end anytime soon. I'd like to dance to the tune of mass adoption and yield farming for prosperity, but that sounds like a lot of costly investments. If I wanna waste my time taking photographs, I may as well, right? We all know I need a 'real' job, and art will not feed me. Mom thought four million from the lotto was the right amount, while at the time of writing, the infamous peer-to-peer electronic cash anonymously detailed months following the economic crisis, rests at a healthy 42 thousand USD per token. She can play her price game, I've got mine. To each their own. At least, I think I got a better chance of 'winning' soon.


Languor says hi, everyone.


@sylviaijay takes the pot on the meal bill. Covering the party of three cost me about 70 USD, which comes closest to her guess of 50. Enjoy your winnings, folks.