Survival Saturday #19: Minimal Brain Damage

Our next generations are always the most important.
We can persist in destroying the earth for profit only so long.
At some point the adherents to that philosophy begin to self destruct.
One only has to look at the price of steem.
Profiteers have taken away the profit.


This week's excerpt comes from The Survivor #1.
Get the full article.





If you are having children you will do well to read the experiences of those that come before you.
Too many of us are not succeeding at winging it, iyam.


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Saxon is one of my favorite curmudgeons. At least he was.


He had it going on.
Now that his books are coming into the public domain he has really done the world a favor.
One more (mostly) unknown hero.

I can't wait for his magic book to make it into the archive, shouldn't be long.

Holy smokes sir freebornangel! if it was that bad in 1975 how bad is it today? Better or worse? I know there seems to be an awful lot of idiots out there and very few competent, motivated workers with a good work ethic.

Tptb have almost killed off all the capable people.
Those jobs got moved to china.

Kurt called it in the 80's.
He advertised in guns and ammo, but the readers even then didn't do things, they daydreamed about doing things.

We have a chance to change it, but nobody knows the difference but us country people, and we are outnumbered.
If texas or florida goes blue, we got problems.

So true sir freebornangel. Texas is turning blue with over 1,000 people each day moving in, mostly from CA and NY, it's sad to see. The left is putting alot of money and resources into making it happen.

Where you at?