Self-Organisational Systems Theory and the Origins of Life

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Everything decays. Entropy is the natural state of the universe.

Life operates contrary to this via self-organising machinery. The natural state of the universe is for things to be pulled apart, but we are pushed together through cosmic forces.

Consciousness is a good example of a self-organising machinery operating. Within self-organising systems there are healthy modes and unhealthy modes; like a healthy cell and a cancerous cell. Depression and anxiety are good models for examining the self-organising machinery of the mind. Depression and anxiety are parasitic processing modes, where the self-organising machinery has been hijacked to create a negative feedback loop, limiting world view and increasing paranoia, depression, etc. (Anxiety is the bodies call to adventure, but due to modern thinking and living, we misinterpret it and pathologise it)

When trying to cure these diseases or symptoms we often view the system as a one directional river instead of an interconnected ecosystem. Combinatorial techniques are often superior when targeting disease, as due to the self-organising nature of our machinery, it will just rearrange itself to avoid the effects of any cure or treatment.
IBS and digestive problem treatments have been ineffective in recent history due to noob science.

Institutions, capitalism, and the world today are self-organising systems. We need to understand how these self-organising systems operate to effectively manipulate them to healthy modes.

The origins of complex life is very recent. Too recent and too complex for Darwinism to make sense.
Evolutionary we exploded during the Cambrian explosion. I theorize that consciousness was born at this point, giving rise to Nietzschian creative evolutionary forces; the most powerful of all evolutionary forces.
The guy in the picture is our great grandad. He is like us; just a tube, some receptors, swim movement, and armour. Our mammalian brains need oxygen, this would have been opened up into the atmosphere with ozone protection making land livable. Our genetic architecture already existed via simple unicellular organisms. We share lots of DNA with them and bananas. Via self-organisational processes we adapted this architecture to create complex form, like tubes with receptors, movement, and protection.

The agent-arena relationship determines a humans behaviour, actions, feelings, etc. We "act" in accordance with our role and towards the feedback our environment gives us.
We are the agents, and the world is the arena. Our agent-arena relationship determines our level of agency.
Someone for example with a victim complex, will see themselves (the agent) as a victim to the world (the arena), hence modifying their behaviour and actions in life. This operates via self-organising machinery of the mind. Like pathological anxiety, it plays upon a feedback loop where the "agent" looks for evidence in the "arena" to confirm their world views, thereby reinforcing their behaviour.

Evolutionary we are the agent and the arena. Human and nature. Evolving via external and internal complex layered feedback loops.

An AI programmed to make better microchips, scratched it, and cut it weird, doing things humans would not think to do. The microchips were faster through seeming random scratching, probably playing upon quantum physics or something. Anyway whatever the basic AI was programmed to do, it wasn't trained in quantum theory. It was self-organizing machinery to increase efficiency utilising whatever worked.
Through these same ways we evolved via utilising additional layers of complexity and feedback loops. The act of seeing yourself injured (bleeding/bone sticking out) for example, can cause an immune reaction in the body. This is feedback to biochemistry via vision which utilizes multiple sciences.
We have even gone as far as to offload our genes into cultural onboarding via human memetics. We are beyond biochemisty and utilize all the layers despite our cells lack of PHDs, through simple Nietzchian evolutionary creativity.

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