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A very memorable experience while using the surfer app eSteem. This is my review about using eSteem app. eSteem provides full support to its users with the eSteem encouragement Program. By using the eSteem app we are made even easier to create Steem content. eSteem can be used as the main tag in our content, or one of the tags so that our content is linked to the eSteem encouragement program.

I really enjoy and love creating content through the eSteem app. Moreover, support from eSteem Encouragement program to provide opportunities for steemians to grow and develop.

When I create content using "eSteem", of course with interesting content. I think maybe at least 100 words in our post, then include our own original image or photo. As for quoting, we must include the source. There must be no plagiarism. Indeed, eSteem will select our content before providing support. Maybe, not all content with eSteem tags can also pass when it is below the limit set by the team at eSteem. But, don't despair. Using the "eSteem" tag has a great chance of getting full support from the eSTeem encouragement program, being promoted by @esteemapp, @good-karma and by the eSTeem encouragement program support team. And of course that makes our content more valuable. :)

But, still, we still try to make quality content. Even so it should not make us worry so we never dare to make content. Make content regularly, regularly, until finally the quality will also appear. With a lot of practice there is no end to being honed.

Here are some of my latest content that hasn't been paid out and using the eSteem app tag and then has received support from the eSteem encouragement program:


I share this experience and create content in an effort to always practice and continue to work on steem through eSteem.

How about you, have you tried using the eSteem app?

Keep up the good work! Install Android, iOS Mobile app or Windows, Mac, Linux Surfer app, download link:


Very good, we resteemed to thousand followers.. Many thanks to vote us as witness.

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