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RE: Understanding EOS Functionality Does Pay! - Learn n’ Earn With Coinbase

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nice post! just too many signature image su included too many images thatw erent teh post1 lol

but hey cool none the less heres 3.8 MORE CTP tokens!

hey i wanta GIF liek u have fancy gif at the bottom

also how do u become @partiko partner and if u are one will u politely ask them to fix their app, as we depend on them,i had to give up recently partiko is an abandoned project with no one even updating it to allow it to work at all mro ethan just browsing itc ant post for months LOL

and partiko team simply said "Were under new management transition" or osmething :D

its ok thes ethings happen but teh app was so good
well itneevr had its wlalet so really it sucks

even @steepshot has a wallet steepshot remoevd from play stroe for not filtering NSFW properyly :LOL


I do like to use my Bitmoji’s 😅 thanks again for the support 🙌

The GIF you can purchase from @zord189 check out his post about it.

@Partiko is run by whim from my understanding will be still carrying on with development when he returns from China next month 🤞

I won @Partiko Partnership by being one of the top users and promoters early on in development. There will be future opportunities I do believe just have to keep your eyes peeled 😉

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@zord189 how much to make a GIF for

@eosvenezuela CRYPTO peso, @anoxfund ANX token (maybe make one especially for ANXp and PSOp the PEGGED asset versions on steem engine like the regular PSO and ANX logos ar for EOS, id like to have a steemified version of thsoe two assets PSOp and ANXp

and id maybe like one of those GIFs made for @steemspeak

and maybe one for SAND token