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RE: Energy - An Overview

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Now this looks like it will be a great piece of science info to be shared in a series. Thanks for the intro piece and overview, will look forward to seeing the series ahead!



Thank you for the response. I'm very familiar with this topic. No matter how green the technology, there are always advantages and disadvantages to different forms of power production.

The current post is an overview, but the subsequent posts under this series will be more detailed.

Awesome, I think it will be very interesting. I'm a bit of a science head and studied materials science at Uni (now work in the scientific analysis industry) so there's a common interest.


What I've learned so far about technology and humanity is that it can bring us together as one people. What society has done with power production and communications is terrific. Slowly, but surely, we are creating the potential to live harmoniously. The terrifying part is that slowly, but surely, we are creating a path towards self-destruction.

Fortunately for power production, I only see a positive outlook in the long-run. The world is learning that it must take care of our planet as it cares for our consumers' needs. I'm as happy as the next guy to power up my computer and write down my thoughts. I don't want to stimy the environment in my pursuits.