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RE: Energy - An Overview

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The first picture attracted my attention. I love lightpainting. You,too? Find more here: @lightpaintershub



Thank you for responding. I've never heard of light painting before your post. Thanks for providing the link. Wow, there is some beautiful imagery there.

I picked the image because it appeared other-worldly. I imagined it at the "fire" Prometheus took from the heavens to grant to humanity. It seems like something too dangerous to wield by humans at first glance: Something beautiful to behold, but hazardous to touch. The analogy is akin to our use of technology today.



Then the photo with the steelwhool spin was well choosen, because its a very dangerous kind of photography. You can easy hurt your self.

join us @lightpaintershub

It's undoubtedly beautiful. I would know at all how someone made it, but it does look dangerous.