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RE: Energy - An Overview

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This energy series is going to keep you busy for a loooong time!! And very much needed. Living off-grid is a big focus for many in the @ecotrain and #ecovillage movements. Understanding the destruction is pivotal to the personal shifts we need to make.

Hoping you can publish LOTS or blog articles empowering people personally. I KNOW it's a passion of @eco-alex and something we'd love to see a lot more about on @ecotrain from any-all angles.

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Thank you for responding and for your support! I appreciate it. The series will keep me busy, but it's something I'm familiar with given my career and past education. I'm fascinated by how we use electricity to fuel progress in society. I feel it's something we all take for granted until it's problematic or no longer available.

I remember rolling blackouts or typical power outages when I was younger, and I didn't feel it as much of an impact. Now that I'm a father and have to provide for my family, it's a much bigger deal.

I'll be revisiting the topic of fires within Australia and California in my next post, but after that, I continue with the Energy series. I intended the Fire series to be a two-part post, but I'm still putting all this blogging stuff together into a coherent process.

The Energy series builds upon the overview and focuses on currently used, and not theoretical, forms of power generation. It will cover the advantages, disadvantages, and trackers that will hopefully point out where we can locate these power plants on earth. Each subsequent blog post will include the forms of power I mentioned in the overview and then expand to those less used.

Have a great weekend!