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RE: Environmental Impacts #4 - Wildfire

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The Australian ecosystems NEED fire. They need it regularly and at far lower intensities. The burning bans have created a big part of this problem, as has the Australian government's refusal to follow traditional indigenous Australian wisdom of circle burning where animals are rarely harmed, tree canopies and saved and it is only unndergrowth and dead timber (ie massive fuel load) which is removed.

As a child in Australia, fire was minimized by people collecting fallen deadwood for domestic use. Since that became illegal, the rate and intensity of fires has increased, and continues to increase.

A return to indigenous wisdom is urgently required!

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As usual, you speak the truth. It is essential to remove any dead or excessive plant growth to mitigate the spread of fire. California practiced this in the past. Unfortunately, blind devotion towards untouched earth led to severe overgrowth through the state. Our fires here were an event made to occur.