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RE: Environmental Impacts #3 - Mercury

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I would like to thank you for this post on behalf of Brian Bander. Who is he? He was a young American man who used to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand (where I live) and who developed mercury poisoning. After much difficulty with diagnosis, he attempted self-chelation, released a huge amount of mercury into his own bloodstream and stared to go insane. He committed suicide and his ashes were scattered here in Chiang Mai in the last few days..

I'm meeting his father next week, and have promised to continue Brian's work and to help make some sense of his life (and death) by writing and explaining the dangers of mercury. A recent analysis by the Thai government of skin products sold online and in markets showed that 25% of them were contaminated with mercury (a common skin whitening ingredient).

Feeling this post as a universal nudge, and grateful for you to raising awareness.

Vale Brain Bander. May his spirit soar.

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You are very welcome. Thank you for your positive comments and my condolences on the loss of your friend. What he had to go through was heartbreaking to think of it.

Contamination, by any means, is a dangerous thing. While organizations strive to set limits on how little of something can harm or keep us safe, they don't know of long term effects. In the case of mercury, ample evidence across the years shows that any exposure presents some risk to an individual. Equally as unfortunate, however, is the fact that governments and the companies that cause mercury contamination are rarely obligated to clean up their mess thoroughly.

While we may see this as straight forward, many companies do not recognize the issue. I could no more produce enough mercury in my lifetime to do someone harm. A large-scale company, however, can produce enough to contaminate a region. The only thing that can stop them is the citizens of that region. All it takes is for the citizens of any country to protest loudly and smart enough to make a change. At least, that is my opinion.

Best wishes to you and yours.