Use the powers of AI to acquire great business insights for your business

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Raw data is a potential moneymaker for all millenial businesses, the dependence of companies on data in the 21st century is an extensive affair.

Companies nowadays rely on data to make very crucial business decisions such as knowing when to stock up on materials, when to reduce usage of materials and a host of other things.

The availability of data to business organizations in not a farfetched thing. Information can be extractd from just about anything, situation or kept records from the comapny archives. The problem that most companies face however is to make sense of the data gotten from the multiple information sources.

There are many ways to extract actionable knowledge from jumbles of data, the most commonly used approach by companies being the employment of analysts.

Analysts go through the provided info on behalf of companies and used their analysis to recmmend the nexe lines of action to take for the business to grow.

However, with increasing technology adoption and the advent of new fields like Data Science and Analytics, organizations are now looking into ways they can use exisiting technologies to support humna analysis and extract useful information form exisitng data.

Higitus is an AI tool that aims to help anyone make sense of any unstructured data.

On their website, they claim that Higitus automatically processes, classifies, and extracts relevant information from every business data source, simplifying and making efficient document and administrative processes.

Among the key benefits that Higitus provides includes

  • Higitus makes use of its natural language processing abilities to imitate the assimilation and processing prowess of humans.

  • A key adavantage of using Higitus is that it helps to eliminate the need for a large human input in the analysis of data. Most of the roles humans would previously play in the analysis of data had been taken over by Higitus AI.

  • Higitus will help to greatly reduce the time of analyzing data for companies as opposed to human analysts.

The Higitus team does not provide their prcing model publicly but it is available on request.

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