Sell your homes on with no fees or commission whatsoever

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Real estate is a very lucrative business line, and even stands to be one that does not have the tendency of going extinct as long as humans exist.

In the real estate game, apart form the traditional buyers and sellers which is the face of every transaction in any venture there are also middlemen also known as brokers.

The job of a broker in real estate is to link an estate buyer to an estate seller, usually for a price.

Honestly, the need for a middleman in real estate transactions is actually a very welcome idea given the weight of financial dispositions that usually come with real estate deals.

People always need who to trust with money during real estate deals, this is where the broker comes in. A broker firstly serves as a go between between a buyer and seller of real estate, being the one who introduces them together to buy and sell properties.

The problem with real estate brokers though is their tendency to charge their clients exorbitant rates and price before they deliver their services. Traditionally, brokers are supposed to charge the sellers only in order to help them find buyers for their real estate, however, some brokers go as far as charging both buyer and seller alike resulting in double earning.

That habit is nothing but a total rip off and should be fought off.

One startup that is looking to change the narrative to tacking the ssue fo broker fees is Richr.

Richr is a platform that allows anyone to list their homes for sale at no chrges and extra broker cost.

Basically, Richr has eliminated the need for people to have to pay brokers huge sums to help find buyers, instead a platform like Richr has created a dashboard where all vested parties can come together to buy and sell with no third party involved.

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