Optimize your email marketing campaign with Kirim email marketing tool

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In the world of marketing strategies, email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways to reach out to customers and get their attention.

As effective as email marketing is though, it still has its own shortcomings.

It has been found through studies that not all people are active with their emails, and for the active ones it is very easy for a lot of them to skip reading emails they deem as promotional.

There has been several methods and tools that has been introduced in order to eliminate the aforementioned setbacks when they arise, but not in a long time have I come across a tool that not only eliminates these issues, it does not a lot more.

Kirim is an email marketing service just like mailchimp that was built for optimization, performance and results.

Kirim as a tool provides a number of extensive features that caters to the real needs of email marketers.

Among the features that Kirim provides, we have

  • Validation of email addresses to ensure that they are in use by someone and not fake.

  • Kirim runs a background check for every email lead gotten to be able to gather essential data about the regeistering person

  • Kirim runs check on your list frequently to be able to determine which email addresses are inactive and then the system goes on to remove those mails from your list in order to make room for new active addresses

  • Kirim helps to detect if there are duplicate email addresses on your list so each email registration can only be restricted to one person per lead and not one person with multiple leads.

Kirim email costs $49 yearly

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