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Stock market investors, traders and stakeholders have one very common need. This common need is a treshold on which their business is based and by which it will grow.

The contonious need for access to stock information by stock market players is a real issue, a lot of players in the market are willing to pay top dollar to any service that promises to deliver seamless stock price and company data.

However, though there are lots of alternatives online for traders toget stock price and company information to help them with their trades, it can be hard at times to find a service that delivers the service without hiccups.

And if a perfect service certainly does exist, it most probably isn't free.

In the realm of free data APIs, Alpaca Data API is one of a kind. With this data API, traders are guaranteed to have firsthand access to real time stock price data with at least a 99.9% accuracy.

Alpaca Data API was developed by Alpaca markets for the purpose of providing immediate information on stock prces to their adopters. The sweetest thing about this API is its freemium nature.

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interested, will give it a try