Disburse payments to your employees using crypto with quidli

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Employee renumeration is a big deal in organizations, as a business owner you need to consistently reward your employees financially.

A lot of companies today tend to have a payment plan on how employees are rewarded for ther work asides the basic salary being paid. Companies now use allowances and bonuses as a way of making sure that a lot of potential employees see the job roles in their organization in a competitive light and something to be held on to.

Dealing with the difficulties of the frequency and complexity of making payments to multiple people is a whole department on its own. One that requires multiple personnel to tend to it's needs.

Recently, companies have been making use of of payroll software to handle disbursements. A lot of pyroll tools now exist and the more these tools exist the more they have complications.

No payroll to is 100% perfect, and can be restricted by a number of factors. A very common restriction of payroll softwares is the inability to perform international transactions and send payments to employees living overseas.

However, we are now seeing some tools that are providing payroll solutions with international transactions enabled.


A tool like Quidli was built with borderless transactions in mind. With Quidli, businesses can now pay their employees in crypto which they can exchange to actual cash.

Quidli allows companies to make payments to their emloyees using Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other cryptocurrencies.

Quidli provides a easy gateway to crypto that allows companies pay their employees speedily wihtout having to cut through all the traditional red tape of international money transfers.

It is worth checking out.

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