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RE: ENGRAVE - first complete blogging platform built on top of Hive network

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I am an early adopter and I got to say this is an amazing concept and works really well already. I hope to see many more features but this is something that is super helpful to me as I don't want to create a Wordpress blog - and believe me, I have done it often enough and understand the WordPress system very well. However, I am looking for simplicity and Engraved offers that out-of-the-box.


Sounds like you also like getting fucked...

We're preparing a self-hosted version (will be announced soon) so If you want to cover your domain and hosting costs by yourself it will be available soon. ENGRAVE is just for people that just don't want to care about it.

I'm part of a @wise-team witness - check out what we do for Steem community!

And why is that? I'm genuinely curious (both about engrave and about why you say that).\n\nI personally want to try that out myself but if you have any information that will change my mind, I'm all ears.

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