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RE: ENGRAVE - first complete blogging platform built on top of Hive network

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I am in love with your project. I certainly would love to create a blog for myself. The problem is that I know, we don't earn much from writing, even if we right long ass detailed blog post about something. Can you try to get some delegation and make this project even better by making some kind of sustainable income model for bloggers on Steemians.

On Steemit, whales are not playing their part. If we want to earn good amount of money, we need to use "Steemhunt" or "Utopian" like platforms while they are great at what they are meant for, that is not "blogging". I want to see a platform that focuses on rewarding bloggers. I have so much in mind that I want to execute but at the end, I just think to myself "is it worth it to spend that much time?".

Getting delegation and rewarding bloggers will really make me do somethings that I have been pushing away for a long time. Take care @engrave


"is it worth it to spend that much time?".

Exactly same thinking here. That's why switching over to @dlike , @share2steem, @actifit like dapp. At least getting a few cents without much efforts

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