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"Datalaing, It is a Venezuelan company that provides technical advice for the construction sector, with a team of professionals specialized in the area of ​​engineering, architecture and related professions. They are the creators of "Datalaing MAPREX", the first database developed in the country, which provides solutions to companies in the construction and petroleum sector."


"MAPREX", It is a software for control of works, express budget manager extremely, efficient. It is used to prepare construction works budgets. Allowing the management of quantities of works, schedules, performance, inputs and unit price analysis. It offers a friendly interface that allows you to access functions quickly, in addition to being a lightweight software that demands large CPU resources.

"Datalaing MAPREX"
It is a database containing more than 20,940 items, from the construction sector and the petroleum sector. Fully developed under a Windows environment, where data can be exported to an Excel workbook, if required. Prices are updated according to the tab corresponding to the last collective agreement of construction workers.

"Remember that the activities generated by a work must be grouped by items, according to materials, equipment and labor, according to the Venezuelan Commission of Industrial Standards (COVENIN)"

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Utility of MAPREX for Civil Construction

The challenge of a professional in the area of ​​civil works and infrastructure, requires the management of software and computer tools for the proper processing of information, calculation, monitoring of works and to generate results of field work. This is what we call the Control of Works. The costs and budgets associated with the work determine the correct use of resources, as well as the successful administrative process that can lead the framework of the construction process to a happy term. Ensuring the economy by the company and the minimum generation of capital losses.

With the help of MAPREX We can achieve a satisfactory user experience because it is a system that meets all the necessary characteristics to process data and deliver reliable results. The activities developed in the work should be grouped into items. Likewise, the items contain the subgroups: supplies (materials), equipment and workforce. In this way the engineer can control each of the aspects of the work, related to computable quantities and updated prices according to the indices that the market manages.

Datalaing MAPREX,

Support to Education and Contractors Companies

Maprex It has become a useful tool for much of the country's universities. It serves as support in engineering careers, which rely on software as a research tool and academic resource in the areas of cost and budget, construction technology, electrical and mechanical maintenance, computer science, among others. Together with other software, such as: AUTOCAD, PROJECT, LULO WIN, APV SOFTWARE, Etc. are used to carry out projects and to teach the teaching-learning process to meet the requirements.

Similarly, it is notable that here in Venezuela an important fraction of public institutions specializing in the area of ​​infrastructure and services, take their efforts supported by this computerized system. Private companies have also adopted him in the performance of his duties, preferring the MAPREX format for his administrative processes. Demonstrating that the software meets the necessary requirements for construction management and control.

"It should be noted that the database is completely manipulable by the user, allowing the creation of inputs, modifying unit prices, updating FCAS (cost factor associated with salary), which facilitates interaction and functionality."


Datalaing Engineering.

We are a Venezuelan company, with more than 22 years in the national market, consisting of a work team consisting of Technical and Administrative personnel in the area of ​​advice for the construction sector, providing cutting-edge services in the software area (MaPreX our main product) and database systems for construction (DataLaing), planning and control of works, professional improvement courses and comprehensive services BIM (Building Information Modeling), striving to provide the best service to our customers. [source of information: https://datalaing.com/site/]

Objective Datalaing

The objective of the company is to provide a user-adaptable software, containing a broad and reliable database to meet the needs of the construction professional.


Provide specialized services in the area of ​​Engineering and Construction, dedicated to the development of software and Database Systems, as well as the implementation of BIM in Venezuela.


Leading the Civil Construction software technology area through constant technological evolution, ethical, professional growth and customer engagement.

Characteristics of Datalaing Database:

  • Autonomous operating construction database
  • Developed in Windows environment
  • Prices adapted to the national market and quality standards
  • Contains more than 20,940 (from the Construction and Petroleum sector)
  • Contains typical items with their APU (Unit Price Analysis)
  • More than 11,500 Supplies, Materials, Equipment and Labor (Updated).
  • Contains Usual Items of Roads, Buildings, Urban Planning, Maintenance, Repairs, Oil, etc.
  • The only computerized and interactive construction book in Venezuela (First in its class).

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"The field of Civil Construction is an expanding process, which every day seeks solutions to the requirements of the human being because of its habitat and integral development. The services and infrastructure works play a decisive role in the society of the 21st century, where a population that has reached the maximum levels of growth throughout its history, increasingly demands the adaptation of its environment, to facilitate its activity and way of lifetime. Civil Engineering is the right branch of science to provide solutions regarding: Housing, facilities, electrical, sanitary, hydraulic, road, buildings, etc. In this order of ideas, Datalaing Engineering and its native software Datalaing MAPREX (Database), provides the help and technical support for construction professionals who have taken on this challenge, with a view to the development of the world and the future projection of civil works."