Who is @batteryman

in #engineeringlast month (edited)

An advent developer of the technology, involved at the start of multiple now globally rolled out tech products, market-leading knowledge of power generation, storage technologies and their applications.

An Engineer I always tell people when they ask what I do:

Maybe at one point that’s what I was.

As life’s rollercoaster pulled me along through the bends, sudden dips and mind-bending loops I had to adapt, evolve or puke my guts out (don’t get me wrong I still puked a lot)

Yet adapt I did, from teaching myself accounting, marketing and how anthropology is used to run a multinational company successfully,

The one thing I could not teach myself was how to spot a lier and who to trust and who not too – (Fuck, life would be amazing if we all did what we say and say what we did).

I’m on here because there is a story to tell and a lesson to be learned for everyone including myself – most of you will read along!

make connections to a similar experience in your life – whether it in love, partnership, work or business.

Your comments and own personal experiences are very welcome as this #MyStory is one of learning and improving.

Thanks to hived and @peakd for the platform and @jacuzzi for introducing it to me @batteryman

Looking forward to this new adventure


YEA! Welcome @batteryman, I hope you find the community here to be most amazing!

Had a look around already and saw so much to interact with already, sure gonna love being on here.
Thanks again for the intro to Peakd

Hi @batteryman, welcome to Hive. Sounds like you have a few interesting stories to tell about who not to get involved with in business. I'm looking forward to reading more.