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The world of Civil Engineering is known as the planning of a project that will be done in the future, especially in the field of building structures such as roads, bridges, dykes, buildings and so on. But what is most needed in this field is accuracy in everything there, both from the location of direct work and when calculating the volume to be done.

Each region or place must have a development program, but if no one plans it may be that the development project cannot be completed with the target set. Before planning a project, the project owner determines the time schedule that must be achieved.

Civil Engineering is an organization that really helps a progress in a country, ranging from building structures to urban planning that will become more beautiful. But in this field has a high risk, why is that? Because if a project does not run smoothly or fails then what is questionable is who planned the project. Civil Engineering is also related to the budget (money) of the project owner or the state money, so here is the most undesirable thing in this field is to harm other people or the state, may be prosecuted or imprisoned.

Carelessness in this field is also very fatal, wrong calculation will cause profit and loss for others. Some were even killed due to careless planning in determining and moving the project. Hopefully this will not happen with me and all of you.

As you can see in the picture below, they (my friend) are reviewing the location of the project that the levees will be assigned to. In this review (more precisely is a site survey) which must first determine the elevation of the land and the situation and conditions that exist in the work location, after that it can only be calculated in accordance with the conditions of the job field.

The most important thing here in the field of Civil Engineering is consultation, why? Because every product that we are planning is not finished just like that, someone has to check it again like a special person in their respective fields. For example, people who are experts in soil science, buildings, roads and so on, they must approve the products we make, and if there are mistakes that must be corrected then they will not approve them.

The completion of a project is also related to several parties, starting from the project owner, planning (Consultant) and the Civil expert team.

Below you can see how the initial planning of a project that will take place.

  • Determine subgrade elevation


  • Ground elevation on all sides


  • Record the results or numbers that are visible on the measuring instrument


  • We must know the elevation of the subgrade even in water (river)


  • The size of the embankment placement must be absolutely accurate


  • Distance between elevation of embankment base and water surface


  • Confirmation of fellow team (Survey) must be really fitting


  • Taking distance and height at the job location


The conclusion is accuracy, logical thinking and problem solving at different job site conditions. And the last is documentation for evidence of work that has been done, because if there is an examination by the expert team, the documentation can show the evidence.

That's all
A little writing above might be useful for me and you all
Hopefully also in the next post.


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But after the birth of bidbot almost all good content has no price at all, one way to encourage themselves is to use bidbot.

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Wow, it's amazing to know that civil engineering goes this deep, I thought it was just about construction and handling of machines.

Not only that, almost all fields are dominated by civil engineering, from the structuring of all construction to knowing the strength of the soil, water, wind and even earthquake pressures. :)

That is good to know.

That's what science is about. Hopefully, students are able to pick this up through their education. With high risks comes high responsibilities. That is why engineering, law, and medicine are careers that reward well requiring tremendous effort as alluded above.

Exactly, in essence all jobs have their own risks, depending on the weight or light and also how to overcome them. :)

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Thank you, I'll try it

Are theodolites still used?
I thought that these had already been replaced by some new, more modern measuring instrument.

I understand that with some satellite applications, it is possible to cover much of this planning and field study work. At least to mark the land dimensions (Cotas).

Yes, Theodolites is still being used, for us although some new (sophisticated) tools have been launched, we also have to refer to the basic tools (manual).

Hhmm.. It seems you also understand about civil engineering, great 👍👍 :)

Hhmm.. It seems you also understand about civil engineering, great 👍👍 :)

Just a little.

It fascinates me to see how the branches of engineering interact in projects.

  • Civil
  • Mechanics
  • Electrical and Instrumentation

I consider that Mechanics fulfills the main function and looks like the queen among all the others. But without a solid base on well-rethought ground, mechanical structures would fall to the ground.

So the civilian will always set the tone.

Have a great day, dear friend.

In essence, a structure that lasts long depends on the strength of the structure and the durability of the soil.

Thank you also to you, have a nice day too

Everything consists in the perfect balancing of the loads.

This simple post sheds more light on civil engineering, nice post

Thank you for your support, have a nice day :)