What type of contest would you like to see?

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I've tried to create a few different contents I thought would be interesting to the STEM community. Many of the contests I have run do not get many entries, and our last contest didn't get any entries.

So I want to ask, what would you like to see? What would you participate in?

I thought the recent Marshmallow challenge was a cool contest where you can earn some STEM tokens while doing something fun.

But not a single person entered, not even a comment.

Give me some ideas, I'd love to run contests you want to participate in so we can get more quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math contest on Hive.

Feel free to his me up on our Discord and let me know there if you prefer.

Running your own STEM related contest? Leave a link in the #contest channel so we can check it out. If we like it, maybe we will provide an additional incentive to your contestants.


A contest is a difficult thing in the STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) field. People are afraid to show their lack of knowledge I think even in a simple contest.

It seems at times that Science is a dirty word to a lot of people.

Perhaps a name the tenth planet.

  • If a tenth planet was found what name would you choose and explain why in 100 words or less.

Or a What Propulsion system do you think will work:

  • Do you think we will eventually be able to travel faster than light Speed, and what sort of propulsion system do you think it would take?

A very tough call, on type of contest for STEM field, I think people see it, and are afraid to be judged as adults. I think for kids there could be lots of contest, like build a volcano model, or soap box derby car, or a paper airplane contest on how far/long can it fly, (at ground level throwing it off a skyscraper or cliff would not count).

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 12 days ago 

I think the contest idea I pitched to you a little bit ago could work.

As others have mentioned, something simple that anyone can do without going out of their way would do.

 12 days ago 

Tried that with the favorite gadget contests.

 12 days ago 

I know it sounds dumb, but stuff like favorite scientific fact, engineering marvel, or mathematical theorems, etc. could work too.

 12 days ago 

I'll give it a go.