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RE: Apps and Commentary

in #engagement3 years ago

It really surprises me Steempeak is so far down the list, and SteemIt is still number 1.
But what surprises me even more, is that dinosaur SteemIt is your number 1 app...
I never use SteemIt anymore. I even have the redirect plugin installed that allows me to switch to Steempeak from most other front-ends. I think it's way more user-friendly.

As a result, no need for a pie this time. I still don't engage as often as I should, but 100% of my comments are done through Peak. (Although I make my posts through, to escape the city tax and because they allow 15 tags.)


What can I say, I like dinosaurs 😁

It’s mainly because, like today, I’m busy replying on the bus and is the only app bar sportstalk that I have logged into.

I suspect that communities may pull some users back to, that is until the likes of steempeak bring out something much prettier.

I suspect that many posts are not posted through Steemit but that the posting scripts use the same app string in order to be seen as a real person.

Like @simplymike, I use Steempeak too. Rarely Steemit.