Comment Reward Pools May Become a Reality? Here's some interesting news for engagement!

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A few days ago, I had a conversation involving @valued-customer and @paulag on Paula's post.

The post is about whether or not you will change your habits after HF21, the conversation was about the influence of HF21 on engagement, meaning comments on blog posts. And the influence will not be good.

However, today I came across what could be a major good news for those worrying about engagement levels after HF21.

How does a separate reward pool for comments sound? I mean separate from the regular pool, from which are paid out post authors and their curators.

I bet that does sound intriguing at least, maybe even an awesome idea to those who value engagement.

I haven't thought that would be an option until now, because comments and posts are treated the same way from the reward point of view on Steem.

But in Steem Engine tribes... that can be an entirely different story, going forward.

I've read an update by @holger80 for scotbot, which may not seem like much at first read, if many bother to read them...

But... from now on, every tribe has two options:

1. to disable downvoting for your tribe

If it's activated, downvotes have no effect on the payouts in the respective tribe. By default, this option is not active, meaning downvotes count, as it is now in all tribes and on Steem.

2. to have a separate comment pool

If activated, comments (and replies) will have their own comment pool to draw from the rewards for the payout. Otherwise, and the default option, it is like it is now, both posts and comments draw from the main reward pool.

So, now the options are there. And both disabled by default to keep things as they are now. I wonder which tribe will make use of them and in which way.

That will be interesting! What percentage of the inflation will go to the main reward pool and what to the comment pool? What will be the split between authors and curators on each of these pools?

All of a sudden tribe owners have so many options!

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It could work for Tribes but not with Steem directly, since Steem-based DAPPs could always use the comment feature instead of posts.. like what does.

I don't think anyone is trying to make this work for Steem in general, at the blockchain level. But just as this feature was introduced in Scotbot, I don't see why it couldn't be part of communities Steemit-style, when they will be out, but in conjunction with SMT.

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Yeah @gadrian, I agree!

And that is actually the great thing about Steem-Engine - it will fulfill roles that SMT's will NOT.

I actually reserved one token on Steem-Engine #HUMANIST, and @emafe reserved the token #PH for the Philippines.

If everything works out, my HUMANIST token will become a licensed security for and @emafe's PH token will be used for

That's excellent Chris! So, this humanist forum is yours?

Yes @gadrian 😄

But I plan on making it community owned in the future.

  • My main goal is to Prevent, Reduce & Eliminate Suffering, not riches or fame.

Ohhhh, now that's interesting

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Yup, that's what I thought too! It's great to see concerns being addressed so quickly. Frankly, I thought it would be much more complicated to sort things out with engagement post HF21. It's true, we still have to see how this will work in practice.

My next question then is, why are #steemit inc not droping smts and just let tribes run....with the dev cost, the steem burn to fund it, like wtf..what am I missing?

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I know it's sometimes hard to understand.

But I believe they both have their place in the ecosystem.

S-E has already proven itself for being agile and easy to change direction or potentially create custom code on demand for future token contracts. But they have their own shortcomings, some of which are trying to fix as they go.

Aggroed said more than once that they are adding stuff and see what sticks. That is great for quick development, but things will be buggy and people need to understand that.

A project would have a choice in the future. This type of quick developments, possibly even custom code for them, which they won't get with SMTs.

SMT is native on Steem. Will take a longer time to develop and release new updates, but they will likely be tested more thorough before release, because each mean a Steem HF, and we know what that means.

They may have other differences in the future, it remains to be seen.

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