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Recently I encountered the posts of an interesting engineer in Nigeria. In his post from March 2022 - SISAPOWER (ENERGY FOR 21st CENTURY, @sisapower identified a real challenge in his homeland. Of course, an intelligent person can see an opportunity with every challenge.

Currently, forty-five percent of Nigeria is without electricity and many more have less than three hours daily; how would 188 million people charge their mobile devices charge their devices? This situation offers a lot of opportunities for Sisapower.

I had read about another invention of his that would be a real benefit in the poultry industry.

Although solar power generation is not new, this application could be another excellent idea. I wonder about the cost. Solar panels have become much more affordable since I first became interested in them. The storage cost is an issue because batteries are not cheap, and solar power is unreliable at night (that is a joke). I looked at various low-cost alternatives such as batteries made by interlacing copper coins, acid-infused (dampened) cardboard, aluminum foil; earth batteries; and even flywheel generators in the past. Potentially one could add supercapacitors to a hand-cranked generator. A few minutes of cranking could store many minutes of charging time.

An intriguing alternative could be introducing a Sterling Motor-based generator plant. Since it works on the difference between hot and cold sources, it can derive its heat from a fresnel lens (a giant magnifying glass) or ice-cold water and ambient temperature.

I am interested in some form of solution for this because an acquaintance on the Blurt platform (and who also lives in Nigeria) was without power for a couple of days not too long ago. It is equally valid for my Nigerian acquaintances who create on the Steem platform.

I encourage everyone to connect with @sisapower and perhaps consider some form of crowd investment. Would the people consider charging their phones and tipping with crypto in a community that suffers from occasional blackouts or without power at all? Could a data logger be attached to this charging station and create a post on the various crypto sites? Finally, could the investors in this project receive a weekly dividend as a percentage of the tips and upvote earnings?

One way to make any cryptocurrency increase in price is to give it value in the real world.


Thanks a lot for this sir, recently around February, this year I won a a Nigerian business reality show inwhich they promised to give me $30k for 12% equity in my business. Mind you I have a fully registered business in Nigeria which is in need of finance to move to million dollars company. Till now am still waiting for disbursement. This idea of sisapower which happens to be my name of hive was convinced since 2019 and I have been working on it since then. I will be grateful if hive community can raise this money for for the same equity in my company. Thanks




Currently this is how far I have push this idea with the available resources. Personally I'm using this product in my house and I'm enjoying it. Moreover, I have three different variants of this. Hive community kindly crowd fund me , I will be grateful

It is important to remember that I am Canadian. I don't know enough about how things work in Nigeria. I used to sell computers starting in 1989 (owned a company), so I can talk about selling products in general.

One of the first things I would ask you is to copy and paste your message into a regular post. Currently, my upvote is only worth 0.004. If you post the same message, I can respond the way I did before. It is like advertising and promotion. The more people can be exposed to your products, the greater interest we can generate.

The second thing I would ask would be for you to join and revise the text so it would be an appeal to that community. While you are at it, there are some initial posts they encourage you to make. I created an article on that site, echoing the one on Hive. Here are a few communities with several members in Nigeria, so potential investors and customers.

Community NameMembership
Steem Entrepreneurs3900
Steem Nigeria1400
SteemWomen Club8600

What would the price be for each of the devices? How long does it take to manufacture each?

Recently I started using @tipu on Steem.




Currently, paying $13.46 (5.321 SBD) is being upvoted to about $18.49. That is roughly 37% profit every seven days. So far, this is about the best investment I have found in the Crypto space.