Sign or encrypt emails on Mac Mail

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These days, the security of data is necessary for every individual and company. To secure emails many users want to sign or encrypt their sending and receiving emails.

Most of the emails have confidential information which has to be secured from unwanted persons. In the Mac Mail app, you can send emails in encrypted form so that you can easily secure your data and transfer it with only the required person.

The signed message will help your mail recipients to identify that the mail is sent by you. This will help you to avoid fraud or any miscommunication.

In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step procedure to sign and encrypt your email in Apple Mail / Mac Mail ( so that only authorized persons can open it and read the content of the mail file.

How to Send Signed and Encrypted Emails?

In this segment of this article, you can view the step by step process to send any Signed or Encrypted emails to your recipients:

  1. Open your Mac Mail app and then click on the File tab.
  2. Hit on the New Message. Now, move your cursor towards From section of the mail, then select the personal certificate account of your keychain. In the same mail details, a Signed Icon with a tick appeared, this ensures that your message will be sent as a signed email.
  3. Now, enter the recipient's address. The message will show you both the Closed Lock icon which means your message is Encrypted and the Signed icon which shows your message is signed. If you do not have an encryption certificate for all recipients, then you can turn the Locked Icon into an Unlocked Icon.

Sometimes your digital sign not showing in various mail services as your sign is treated as an attachment.

If you are using any other email account and want to encrypt your emails, then you need to get access to an encryption certificate in your new account. For this, you can click on the Control-click in Keychain Access, and then select the New Identity Preferences to provide the required information.

How to Receive Signed and Encrypted Emails?

When you received any signed and encrypted email, you can check it from the header of the email where you can view the Security field with a signed or encrypted icon.
If the email is encrypted, then you have to enter the private key, otherwise, you cannot read the message.

  • If the email is encrypted, then you have to enter the private key, otherwise, you cannot read the message.
  • If you want to view Signed Certificate details, then you need to click on the sign icon.

This complete procedure is recommended by, so it is correct and can be followed by all Mac Mail users.

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