A Prequel to Making Wire and How I Got Into Electronic Sculpture

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My next video is out! Has hit the channel! Is on the stands! Available for viewing! Check it out! Did you enter the hackaday.io Circuit Sculpture Contest? This is my journey. A prequel of sorts to making my own wire for sculptures!

In this video, I go back and document: discovering the maker community I follow on twitter, how I ended up entering the Hackaday.io Circuit Sculpture Contest, and how I built the sculpture I entered into the contest.

#Maker #Electronic #Circuit #Sculpture #YouTube #Art #Science


Thank you everyone for the positive reception. If anyone wants to subscribe, and is having trouble from the embedded video, here's a link: https://youtube.com/TheCuriosium?sub_confirmation=1

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 3 years ago 

That's really cool. I have never heard of this contest before.

Thank you! It was a really fun build!
The site is https://hackaday.io and they provide a place for people to track and share projects. They run all kinds of contests. Pretty cool place.

Wow! Really. I thanks @enforcer to have brought your log top my attention. This prequel is excellent and I am looking forward to see more from you!

By the way, feel free to join the STEMsocial community!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the encouraging words. I'm working on the next one now. Hopefully I'm getting faster. I'll check out STEMsocial. Thanks!

You are welcome ^^

very interesting! :)

Thank you!

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This is quite amazing. Weldone sir

Thank you so much!

Delightful. Wonderful following your thought process, the moments of inspiration when you associate ideas and material. Art and science...one of my favorite relationships.

Okay, I am blown. This is a lot of cool work!