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electroculture image.jpg

I appear to be riding the crest of some kind of energetic creative wave at the moment which is taking me from subject to subject at a pretty decent pace while also nudging me towards the required actions to solidify my understanding of one thing before moving on to the next. Even the art above these words I created this morning using some kind of super intelligent AI driven software I was completely unfamiliar with yesterday, to represent the journey I am currently on (will tell you more about exactly how I did that in another post) and my feeling is that I should use this newly acquired skill which has been gifted to me at this time. My primary goal in all of this remains to be the education of others while also educating myself, which is why I put so much effort into my posts, but I am conscious that not everyone has as much time as me to follow the various streams of thought, so in the interest of convenience I will list for you now all my free energy & electroculture posts with a brief breakdown of their contents.

As time goes on I will update this page with the new additions. This way you only need to bookmark one page instead of many.

The November fast which motivated all of this

While this may seem unrelated it isn't.

I do my annual fast towards the end of November, usually 7-10 days of no food and very limited water. My energy levels go right down for obvious reasons but my brain is on fire and my desire for a creative output goes right up. This year was different to previous years because we bought a piano so I found myself tapping at the keys around 5 days into my fast and in a matter of hours I wrote this:

You may perhaps enjoy listening to it while you continue reading?

Synchronicity works better when the belly is empty

I gave the piano piece to my mother for her birthday and felt good about it. Surprised even. Haven't had a piano in my life for 20 years so it was odd the way it came back to me so quickly. Odder still that I wasn't able to compose like that 20 years ago.

During the final days of my fast I spent a fair bit of time listening to the youtube user known as Archaix who is a chronologist with a rather gloomy outlook on our future, but his historical musings motivated in me a desire to write one of my more historical posts.

At the same time I was also researching ways to heat our home in the winter using alternative fuels which are less likely to see crazy price hikes than traditional fuels like wood & gas. On this mission I came across Robert Murray-Smith, a British inventor who loves to re-cycle things. His tin can/cake tin methanol heater interested me particularly but I also happened to notice this video in which he describes how it is possible to create electricity by sticking copper and zinc rods in the soil.

I felt instantly connected with this simple idea and fuelled by the incredible energy of my fast, the following article was written.

1 Moving forward into the past: old technology recycled & free energy for all (The Earth Battery explained)


Looking at it now I can see my mind was jumping all over the place at that time so there are some subjects which are perhaps less related, but interesting none-the-less. Like the WOW! lines for example.

I looked at the electric vehicles of our past.


French taxi powered by electricity 1989.

Concluding with the point that electric cars have been permitted to make their come-back now because none of us remember any more how to make free energy.

I looked at OOPart (out of place artefacts) because these prove we had advanced technology in the past.


tungsten nanospirals found embedded in 100,000 year old rock

And I looked at the WOW! lines, an anomaly well worth checking out even if it is unrelated. They are lines which run for 1000s of miles around Russia, said to be built by farmers in the last few centuries to protect crops from high wind (which in itself is a difficult one to believe) yet the huge swathes of land and even rivers which cut through the lines in numerous places indicate they have been there much longer, which to me implies an ancient technology of some kind.

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 06.44.43.png

Finally I looked at the earth battery and how it was first used by Alexander Bain in 1843 to power a clock. In later years he converted it to work even without a connection to the earth, using vases either side of the clock.

Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 10.18.26.png

This lead neatly to my first earth battery experiment.

2 Santa's little helper creates free energy just in time for Christmas! (how to charge infinite car batteries for free)


Unfortunately I did not understand how to read a multimeter at that time (confusing milliamps for amps) so while the core information in this post is good, my claim that a total of 36 cells will charge a car battery is not true. As I discover in later posts, the actual number required is massively bigger than this.

Then @woelfchen said the word "elektrokultur" and the floodgates were opened.

3 Electroculture: a synthesis of free energy & agriculture (how to grow massive vegetables)

Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 01.54.36.png

It is a review of everything I could find which related to electroculture, though there are in truth a great many more techniques than the ones described here. These are just the main ones. And an introduction to the main man behind this movement in its modern form, Yannick Van Doorne.

Next I considered how I was going to get started right away on a budget.

4 Zero budget electroculture: getting started with spirals, Lakhovsky coils & more πŸ’‘


I tell you how to make spirals and also Lakovsky coils. This one is made out of a hoover cable.


5 How to create basic Lakhovsky coils using different colours for different plants 🌱


The only addition I would make to this one is that Lakovsky coils do not in fact have to be placed at a declining angle. They can be put directly on the earth, surrounding the base of your tree or plant. No need for supports, but you must be sure to have the opening facing north.

I would also say that bigger is better. Make them 20-30cms in radius if you have enough copper wire.

6 Ask and it is given - the leading expert in electroculture has reached out to me 🌱

IMG_8930 2.jpeg

I was really just sharing my excitement in this one at having chatted with Yannick, establishing a relationship which I believe will move forward to bigger and better things in the future.

7 I just received my Christmas present from you :)


Here I have just bought my first bits of electroculture equipment with the rewards from these posts.


Then I read a book, recommended by Yannick.

8 The electroculture pyramid: a total eco-system home/bio space

Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 11.27.46.png

And boy it was a good one! Highly recommend it.

One of my strongest wishes today is to encourage others to experiment with pyramids, for I am convinced that there are unbelievably wide horizons to be explored in this area, and only by countless people experimenting on their own will new uses of the pyramids come to light.

--- Les Brown

Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 21.54.48.png

Next up I found the right day to install those items I recently bought from Yannick.

9 Getting started with ELECTROCULTURE: paramagnetic tower & magnetised cables (plus cling film greenhouse update!)


I tell you about this paramagnetic tower and also magnetised cables which have an effect of up to around 1 meter, either side of the line.


The atmospheric antenna I upgraded with some fibonacci spirals so this one had a post of its own.

10 Upgrading & installing atmospheric antenna for cosmic energy collection & hail protection


I also mention that I have now started to make my own pyramids.


Which didn't stop there of course...

11 Could this device spell the end for fridges & dehydrators? Pyramid technology investigated β–²


A review of Les Brown's energiser and how to make it.

Then I told you how to set these things up under your own bed because both plant & human health thrives when in close contact with this natural kind of electricity.

12 Magnetised cables & large Lakovsky coil for our bed because humans need electroculture too 🌱


In this one I tell you how to make your own magnetised cables using magnets & bees wax.


And how you can instal it under your bed along with a big Lakovsky coil.


After this I felt like a break from electroculture and went back to the earth battery experiment.

13 Have improved my earth battery set-up but now I have a question for the community πŸ’‘


My question was how do I stabilise my power to be able to charge a USB device?

I did get my answer but it was the comments to this post where I finally learned the correct way to read the multimeter and realised this experiment was not going to work as planned.


So I put it to one side for a while and did something else.

14 In pursuit of perfect pyramids: my largest construction to date & cut flower experiment conclusion πŸ₯€


This pyramid is as close as I can get to perfect. Now let's see how effective it is at growing potatoes. Not cats ;)

I also give you the results of my cut flower experiment.


Getting back to my energy experiments I show you how to generate electricity using items that most people already have in their homes.

15 FREE ENERGY BASICS - the coolest way to power a bedside light (copper wire/wet tissue/tin foil)


As described I show you how easy this can be, but the main purpose of this post was to reveal how we would in fact need a total 20,000 cells like the ones above to charge a USB device. Yeah, not gonna happen.

And so, I am now looking at this capacitor as the answer to my question. Am excited to start building it.

Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 17.56.37.png

Most recently I set up the comparative test which I thought would be interesting and serve as a good reminder to one and all how electricity can be easily produced at home in a simple way.

16 Lithium vs earth battery: the experiment has begun πŸ’‘


I propose that a collection of seven copper tubes filled with moist salty soil and steel screws will maintain an LED at full brightness longer than a 3V lithium battery. Further to this I believe my earth battery will not only outlive the 3V lithium battery, but it will outlive many more because it seems to me that in order for the electrons to stop flowing between the cathode (copper tubes) and the anode (steel screws) either the tubes or the screws need to dissolve completely, which may take years. Perhaps even decades?

As promised here is the update which you will see at the bottom of every post from now on.

Number of days earth battery LED & lithium battery LED have been illuminated at maximum brightness: 3
Number of lithium batteries consumed: 0

I do finger puppet shows on the wall for my children before they sleep with the earth battery light and it is immediately evident when the level is low. This is rectified by adding a little salt water which instantly charges it up again.


Final thoughts

The energy of that fast I mentioned has continued on in a way that it doesn't normally. I cannot say with certainty why that would be. Perhaps I have simply been distracted by other things at this time of year in the past? Or perhaps the piano activated in me some kind of vibrational frequency which needed to be unlocked before I could move forward?

Whatever it is, it has me good and for now I can see no problem with that. There is nothing else I would rather be doing! So it is my absolute pleasure to be on this journey with all of you who spur me on with your votes and your comments. I have mentioned before how I look at Hive as a huge decentralised research team whose job it is to unearth the truth of this crazy wonderful world in an honest and spiritually orientated manner and I look forward to seeing your own pursuits into the fields described in this post.

Don't forget to tag me in!

Love & Light everyone 🌱

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 13.56.11.png

Original art by @samstonehill (using AI driven software)

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Hi Sam,

I know a while about electro culture, read few really good articles, garden presentations on Hive, too. However, I don't find the persons, at the moment. (Maybe it was you.) I just remember he detailed everything, grew same plants with and without spirals and showed it on pictures. Was it you? and i just dont find the posts or if someone else, do you know its username?

Also wanted to ask about Lakhovsky oscillator, for human healing, I am pretty sure you wrote about that, mentioned it, but suddenly can't find any relevant info about it. Do you know sites, people who have actually a working one, shares the effects, method, how did they build, work?

Just a last one, as it is spring time more or less, I wanna try as much as things I can in the garden. The amount is limited what i can spend, so I will DIY what i can, spirals, braclets will be easy for sure, but I'd like to add few more things, like the Irish roundtowers, however i have limited info about it, can't find anybody, who presents the result - and have no business interest to do that. That is very important for me. Also can't find how, from what material would be the best to build it.

Today I was just searching there and back in different search engines, look what i've found coincidently, even the WEF writes about it. don't like to share their links, but regarding to electro-culture, kinda surprising they share it, pretty much similarly to average person do. Kinda contradiction compare to the 'eat the bugz' propaganda... (if it has positive effect on plants, humans, it probably has the same on animals)



So much information! Thank you!

No worries. Take your time with it.

It's a journey!

Great post my friend i learned alot
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I would call you a "mad scientist", but I think you're more sane than MOST scientists!!!

It is very weird for me even considering the possibility of being a scientist at all. Have always considered myself an artist!

The light is still shining strong this morning...

This is great. Your creativity here is super. Keep the work going.

Will do! As far as this wave carries me...


Wao, this is awesome, great information there, thanks.

No worries. Take your time with it.

One post at a time...

Thank you for all that interesting information, have a great day.


My pleasure. Thanks for the comment :)

Alot to learn and know about in your post I saw a kitten
Incredible about the pass photos

Yes, there is usually a kitten or cat somewhere in most of my posts!

Can hear them outside even now... reproducing.

Ok yep reality
Our cat was rescue from out side, kind of ask my husband to take him in
He was baby. Big yard behind us with lots cats, some live with people
Some don't

Yes, reality is noisy at this time of year ;)

Love cats though. Very much.

Well done for the rescue!

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You too, have a great day :)

I was glad to see I had not missed one of the posts, as I've found them all so interesting. Just loving this series, all your experiments and waiting to see outcomes... :))

Amazing you have been able to catch all of them!

Yes indeed, this journey is leading us all to some very exciting outcomes...

Thank you for your amazing support!

very cool to see ur way in the right direction :) !
keep sharing!

I hope I will be more active too in future

@tipu curate

It sure feels like the right direction!

Will do my best to keep on sharing the new discoveries...

Even now I am putting a post together about the AI software I used to make the title image. Have never been more blown away by an artistic tool.

nice natural fractal! :P~

Nice joint! Yeah, the fractals are cool hey. The AI responds well to this prompt. Check for my next post to learn how I did this...

Thanks for the smoke ;)

haven't you seen my posts?
i'm doing almost ONLY AI experiments recently :P

I had seen your posts some time back but obviously missed the AI bit! Didn't even know this was possible till a few days ago. Apparently I was too busy playing with plants for the last few years ;)

Just looking at your page now and loving what you are doing. Do you use deepdreamgenerator for everything? A friend of mind recommended midjourney and I fell in love with it instantly. Have just paid for a year!

Am putting together a post to tell everyone now because for me personally, the game just changed massively.


Are there many people on hive making AI driven art?

Β 2 months agoΒ (edited)

already answered in another reply ... MidJourney is far better! :)
(especially the paid service)

yeah... it was a hype everywhere even on HIVE :)
there are people... i see AI posts here and there :)

a friend of mine showed me some new stuff AI making music from text :D
they're still working on it...

Isn't this fascinatingly resembling our own conversations @craigcryptoking? Hmmm.....enjoy how you think so much beyond the box @samstonehill. Especially that you teach your children the same

Oh and I had to edit to say I and my husband just listened to that exquisite piece you wrote. Thank you for sharing

Am curious to know what you were talking about with @craigcryptoking?

It certainly has been a ride. And I'm pretty sure my children are learning from it! They consider my experiments as part of life now I think and generally are not all that interested because every day there is a new thing I am excited about!

The latest thing is this AI software which is blowing my mind.

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 23.57.25.png

All the best to you and thanks very much for the lovely comment regarding my music. Can't really say that it came from me, but it certainly came through me.

Oh it was along the lines of free energy and frequencies. The discussion inspired him introducing copper into his gardening

what about rockstar cat fur static electricity? :D

Something like this?



Just in the nick of time cuddlecitten! I posted a crazy cat picture.


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