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Time for an experiment!

Having a rare opportunity, and a labcoat, I decided to make the best of a bad situation. After receiving my first venomous snakebite from a Cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus) recently, I decided to try make the best of a bad situation and do some experiments. In this video, I measure the amount of swelling in my hand by volume, using a water displacement test. It's amazing how my that venomous snake made my hand swell, but it could have been much worse.


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Doctor Pepper has a nice drink to it. Sounds like I heard this before. ;-)

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HEY!!!!! Good to see you again. LOL, nice one

Hey-hey! 👋 Nice seeing you too and that you are keeping up with regularly posting quality content! 👌👍

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Wow... amazing...! How do that?

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Real scientist or not, you had a control and an experimental group, you were wearing a lab coat, and then you took some measurements and did some math. Sounds legit to me.
Wow, half a liter more in one hand. That means each time you raise your hand you had to lift an additional half a kilo! It would have been interesting to know the difference when your hand was really swollen, right after getting bit. Could it be safe to estimate that it swelled up to twice its volume?

WOW fun experiment. I'd have to say that is how bad my index finger swelled up when I got bit by the Copperhead. My hand did swell too but it was mainly my finger all the way to the hand that was the fattest. That is a lot of fluid in your hand. Which makes me wonder if there is a way to drain the fluid from your hand. If so I wonder if it would drain the infection from the bite draining the poison out and you end up being just fine?

haha.... loving the lab coat look! I've suffered two snake bites here form the same snake on the same ankle and I am SOOO HEARING YOU about pain and swelling. My foot was purple and twice the size for about 10 days. Collecting laundry from out back at dusk without a light? I don't do that anymore.

I hope it heals quickly with no nerve damage.

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A great experiment now I know although I do think the venom might have go to your head @papapepper. Hope things improve soon 💯🐒

A bit too technical. :)