Effect of Moisture Content on Agricultural Products

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There's actually no doubt that you might have heard the word Moisture Content as this word is mostly used by people in academic field mostly sciences oriented courses or you might have probably have been to some production companies mostly in food production discussing about the moisture content of a certain product or materials. The reality is that we sometimes do practice some actions which are sometimes related to implementing the effect of Moisture content and we do see these various effects almost everyday. This is why I'm going to make this post more explicit and comprehensive enough to ensure you understand what moisture content is all about and it's effect on some products. I suggest you grab some delicious pop corn and coffee as you read through this post to boost your level of enjoyment 😊.

What is Moisture Content


The word Moisture Content was actually coined from two separate words known as "Moisture" which means "water" and "content" which means the quantitative measure of a substance ("amount"). We can just these two meaning together to have a simple definition of Moisture Content.

Moisture Content can simply be defined as the amount of water or moisture present or available in a substance, material or products. This simply implies that any substance which has some specific amount of water or moisture present in them is said to possess Moisture Content. The word moisture content is just like a scientific or more professional way to say there is water in a product.

Moisture Content can be altered (reduction or increased) in different products and this is mostly done by adding water to a substance
or removing water (drying) from a substance. The fact is that there are actually some agricultural products which their chances of survival is certain just by increasing the Moisture content of the agricultural product just exactly the same way you also need to drink water to survive. This is one of the reasons you see some people wetting or irritating their plants or crops because water is extremely very important for agricultural products. This simply connotes that anytime you irrigate or wet your plants or agricultural products, you are directly increasing the Moisture Content of such agricultural products. Also moisture content

I hope you were able to get a glimpse of what Moisture Content is all about from the few write up you read above. I'm quite sure you can see that moisture content will definitely have huge impact or effect on some agricultural products. This is also why we need to understand some of the effect of Moisture Content on agricultural product and I'm quite sure this will also add more to your knowledge about what Moisture Content is all about. Let's quickly go through the effect of moisture content on agricultural product 😉.

Effects of Moisture Content


One of the effect of moisture content on agricultural product like some food and fruits is that it affect the physical properties such as the colour, taste and odour of the product.


There are some agricultural products which tend to posses changes in their taste which can be as a result of microbial actions or activities in such product and the micro organism present in such agricultural product is due to the presence of increase in the moisture content of the product which affect the taste, odour and colour of the agricultural product.

One of the effect of moisture content is that it tends to affect the textural properties of agricultural products. This can be observed in the coat or hull or covering of agricultural products. A very good example is cowpea (beans) and this is why it is more easier to peel off the seed coat or hull of a cowpea when it's wet unlike when it is dried.


I could remember carrying out some practical analysis on cowpea using an existing cowpea dehulling machine during my final year project and I was able to found out that the higher the moisture content of the cowpea, the higher the dehulling efficiency of the machine and the lower the moisture content of the cowpea, the lower the dehulling efficiency of the dehulling machine. This connotes that the moisture content of the cowpea had a significant effect on the dehulling efficiency of the machine.



Moisture Content also has effect on the durability or shelf life of agricultural products. Agricultural products can be preserved for a longer period of time by regulating or controlling the amount of moisture present in such products. This is one of the major reasons you find some food product lasting more than it expected time after preservation because the moisture content of such product is being controlled.

Moisture content plays a very vital role and importance when it comes to food processing operations. If you've ever visited any food production company, you'll definitely observe how highly important moisture content is being considered when it comes to food storage and processing.


There are some standard set by some legal agencies during food production and one of it is that there should be less than 40% moisture content when producing cheddar cheese. This is one of a legal rule and it's really quite interesting seeing some food production companies following this same rule.

During food production there is high chance that machine part may experience corrosion or rusting, clogging and intense dirt when processing products with high moisture content. This is why it is extremely very important to always maintain processing machine regularly by lubricating the moving parts and cleaning to reducing or eradicate clogging of food or agricultural products during processing.



As you all know me to be someone who loves learning a lot. I will also love to seek your opinion or knowledge on this given topic. I can't wait to learn from you and I hope you also share your idea or knowledge about the effects of moisture content on agricultural product. Feel free to share your opinion or thought on the comments section.

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I did not know that how Moisture can affect agro products like this. Good to know about the parameters set for Moisture. nice read

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