Maintaining focus

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Focus is your most powerful tool and at times it may get foggy and difficult to focus but you must bring back your focus on what you wish to manifest in the physical.

Now I know that it may sound very spiritual and like it's pseudoscience but we have actual science from the study of quantum mechanics,

Scientists have discovered some peculiar properties of light and matter , they found out that light and matter can display both the properties of waves and partials with the
Double slit experiment, now I don't think it's necessary to get into much explaining as it's been done before in a manner that is much easier to understand you can check out the video below that does a great explanation on the experiment.

The only other thing I wish to say is that the act of observation causes Wave function collapse, what that means is that a light and matter stops behaving like a wave and act like a particle when observed or focus as I am calling it

Again of you are not familiar with the topic I encourage you to check out the video below

Hope you got some value from my post,
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