Clothing material is needed by everyone.

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Hello friends, clothes clothes are one of our basic needs. Clothes protect us from the sun, and from cold and heat. They also make us good and smart. There are many varieties of clothes available. We wear them according to the season. Clothes are made from different materials. For example, cotton, jute, silk etc. are some of the textile materials. Let us discuss how these materials are obtained. The history of clothing is going back to ancient times. At first people used to wear animal skin on their body. After some time he would cover it with the bark or leaves of the trees. Time is changing rapidly. They started settling at one place and started agriculture. Knowledge teaches us a lot. They have learned to weave grass and vines. He was taught to use them as clothes. Then needles have been invented for us, then people have learned to sew in clothes. Started sewing clothes of different designs. It is believed that wool was used 5000 years ago. The oldest known natural fabric was the needling.


Then it was known as clothes. Fibers and fabric fibers are thin, long, thread-like threads. Fibers are woven to make clothes. Different types of fibers were prepared in cotton, jute ru,

Fabric fibers can be of two types: (1) Synthetic fibers (2) Natural fibers

Natural fibers Fibers obtained from plants and animals are called natural fibres. Examples of natural fibers are cotton, jute, wool etc. The fibers which are made in factories from different chemicals are called synthetic fibres. Plant fibers Cotton and jute are commonly used plant fibers. Let's discuss them.

Cotton plants are grown in places with black soil and hot climate. These plants require moderate rainfall. Cotton plants are grown in some states. The fruits of cotton plants have cotton balls. So while exposing the raw cotton fibers. These fibers also dry up in the heat of the sun. After the fibers have dried, the cotton bales are cut a part.

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