Xenobots, a futuristic attack on disease

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Technology, increasingly futuristic, has invented a natural and robotic device, at the same time to attack many diseases. This is the point of reflection for the present QOTW, a look into the future with technological advances ready to serve humanity or at least a part of humanity that has the capacity to pay for a service of "Internal Body Cleaning to be free of disease." What in the words of @eco-alex, would say:

Isn't it interesting how some of the most important advancements in science and technology are rarely discussed or shared with the general public... So on this weeks QOTW we will discuss a topic that could herald the cure to all viruses and illness, and oh so much more. Instead of worrying about the problems, lets talk about some solutions, and if you think it is OK to make new kinds of lifeforms that can serve us in ways that today we can hardly even imagine!

According to what @ecotrain suggests based on its previous research carried out before launching this QOTW, xenobots are a technological response to the fight against many diseases in the future. It is interesting to note how everything points to the fact that the implementation stage of this marvel is well advanced and promises to be effective in the detection and treatment of the ills that afflict humanity. And, if it is not too much, I want to clarify for those who do not know or have not read the weekly QOTW of @ecotrain, what is a Xenobot.


From the word to the technological device.

The word "Xenobot", according to the dictionary, is composed of Xeno, "a prefix element of Greek origin that enters into the formation of nouns and adjectives with the meaning of 'foreigner', 'stranger'"; and Bot, which "is the shortened word robot. It refers to a type of autonomous computer program that is capable of performing specific tasks and imitating human behavior". So, we have that it is a microrobot capable of penetrating the human body as a "foreign element" to carry out various health tasks, previously established by a medical operator. However, in reality, the term is due more specifically to a type of frog that is the protagonist of this experiment, African clawed frog: Xenopus laevis... ¡A FROG!


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What is this device about?

As well researched by our attentive and enthusiastic fan of scientific novelties, @eco-alex: "A xenobot is a biological machine under 1 millimeter (0.039 inches) wide, small enough to travel inside human bodies. They are made of skin cells and heart cells, stem cells harvested from frog embryos.[2][3] University of Vermont & Tufts University scientists have created this living machine that one day might safely deliver drugs inside the human body—and pave the way for understanding how to form organs for regenerative medicine.[4][5] Xenobots can walk and swim, survive for weeks without food and work together in groups, can heal on their own and keep working.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenobot)

It is extraordinary how one advances in this race to find technological solutions for every human interest. How something so improbable becomes reality and the resulting pulse created in the laboratory from these animal cells advances like a little xenobot with every heartbeat. The xenobot works, and furthermore, it has been able to heal itself if it is damaged. In itself, it is great and exciting to see it "come to life" in the images presented in the publication.


Monster by Geralt

Do we need Xenobots, and do they excite or terrifiy you?

As always, this is a controversial subject, which is why it is brought up and its answer is neither easy nor unique. There is a lot at stake in responding. Apparently terrifying and invasive, the first thing that jumps to my logical thinking is that we cannot go against scientific advances, that's why those brilliant minds work so hard, to move forward, to leave behind the limits that press on people's quality of life.

But, on the other hand, there is a very human issue and that is the fear of submitting to studies that sell a product that can be counterproductive because it is not the first time that for the sake of science the natural human essence is lost and it is a catastrophic imbalance that slips in the well-known popular saying: "the remedy was worse than the disease".

However, in the case of this technological advance, the promise may appeal to many, because even the damages caused by a life of excess can be reversed, such as the case of fat in the arteries, apparently a "piece of cake" for Xenobots. But it may raise adverse opinions among naturists, because it may argue that more than anything, Xenobots are the answer to diseases that we could avoid by leading a life without excess ... But what are excesses, if not signs of being alive? Who are we to judge the path of others?

Excite or terrifiy me? To tell you the truth, I am not terrified, I believe that nothing done in pursuit of good for humanity should frighten us, on the contrary, we should be grateful that there is this type of scientific advance which, although it breaks with nature and its designs, gives life expectancy to many people who today suffer from ills that could be reversed with the application of this type of technology. So, from my point of view, if it's to improve health...¡Welcome Xenobots!



By Zeleira Cordero @zeleiracordero


For your kind reading, THANK YOU

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In response to @ecotrain on ecoTrain QOTW: LIVING Robots are here, they're called Xenobots and it's Unbelievable. Discover what they are and tell us if this excites you or terrifies you?
If you are interested, find out here




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lovely answers.. its nice to see such an open mind to these incredible ideas and inventions.. i think you make some very good points.. i mean.. look where science has gotten us so far.. and it is fair to say that its what we do with it more than the tech itself that we need to watch out for!

thanks for taking part, and sharing your wisdom with us all

Thank you for the opportunity, the appreciation and the love shown. 💕

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