Beauty, Lady's Finger Plant

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Firstime I didn't know what this plant was. I got dried seeds from a friend,

He said this is from Japan. according to my interests, I like greening, eventually I plant the seeds.
And, while waiting to grow I browse and finally found information that the plant is an okra plant. in Japan, it is said to be called Okura. some call it bendi beans. but indeed this plant is known as the lady's finger. a beautiful name.
There are many benefits of this plant besides being consumed as a vegetable cooked for side dishes to eat. lady's finger can also be consumed as juice. This plant has properties for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases. I planted some in the fields.
Because this plant is not yet familiar in my place, only a few are interested in more young okra being consumed alone and there is little to sell. okra vegetables are still less popular than local vegetables like spinach .
As for those who are already old, the old okra is left to dry. Dried okra seeds are partially stored for whenever needed. And more dry seeds I process again by roasting and pounding and turning into coffe powder. Okra coffee. To be more familiar in the world of steem I call Steemokra. there are still more problems with marketing than this okra coffee. Maybe steem friends have an idea?


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Okra is BIG is Thai cuisine - especially the little lady finger okra - soooo incredibly healing for the GI tract!!

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Thank you for the support :) Thank you very much. I have little agenda to plant long pepper and try too in white pepper and that will I share next :)

where is it? 🆒

this in my farm, farm of family. a little farm :)