MOTHER EARTH & SPACE NEWS - Gamma Ray Bursts, Forecasts, Dust to Dust | News Jan.15.2020

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Today we receive the first observational evidence of a HO2 production above sprite‐producing thunderstorms from the coincidence of temporal‐spatial observations of HO2 spectra, sprite events, and thunderstorms by two space instruments, a submillimeter‐wave limb spectrometer and UV/VIS Imager, as well as a ground‐based very‐low‐frequency radiation lightning detection network. Observational results suggest that sprites potentially contribute 1% of nighttime background HO2 generation at altitudes of 75‐‐80,km globally.

Lava, ash, thunder and lightning spewed from the Taal Volcano in Philippines on Monday as thousands of residents fled the region along roads choked by cars and ominous darkness. At least 30,000 people had fled homes in Batangas and Cavite province by Monday, the nation's disaster response team said. More than 15,000 people had fled to emergency shelters Monday, the Philippine News Service reported. Our thoughts are with all in the area.

Meanwhile we have sunshine and a little cloud today in Southern Spain with 19 Centigrade and 30% humidity. Wind: 5 KH from the North.

How are conditions on your part of the planet? Comment below, including your location. It is always great to hear the local perspectives from our global community.


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Bangkok is under pollution smog! It’s very bad for your health!
Too many condos building projects and too many cars!

Hi Kaminchan,
Oh no - smog is terrible! Hopefully everyone will be using electric and other green vehicles very soon and the smog will stop!

Keep well =D

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