Would You Like To Be A Super Hero? No Really!? ECOTRAIN QOTW TIEUP POST!

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A tough question this week, but a few brave souls dared to take it on! Thank you to all who took part and shared your views on the very pertinent question of whether you would dare to have an implant, chip or some kind of technology added to your brain or body. Whilst it is no surprise that most of us would not elect to do this, I do wonder how long this sentiment will continue. As each generation passes, and becomes more comfortable with technology, it gets easier to accept it as a part of our lives. If I had asked you 20 years ago whether you would have allowed yourselves to own and carry tech with you that would track your every move, your private,conversations, whether you would share your personal details online, whether you would sacrifice your privacy for the convenience of what a smart phone can offer you today... I’m sure most if not all of you would have said no. Now today i bet you have one, and have made that sacrifice. SO is it just an inevitable step forward for our children or our grandchildren to do the same, only this time with implants and tech that can offer even more convenience and .. perhaps some super powers!

I would like to add that one person, who i wont name, was quite upset that i had asked this question.. OK actually i will @builderofcastles. He seemed to think there was no point in asking such a question, in his mind there was no debate to be had. .. no question to pose.. and only one right answer. I would urge caution to those people who try to stop free speech, dialogue, and questioning things that may seem crazy, or wrong. When we do this, we lose the chance to inquire, to test, taste, and gauge the views of the people. Then one day we may suddenly be living in the very world that we thought could never happen..

It is my opinion that human cyborgs are almost inevitable. The only question in my mind is what percentage of the world will adopt them, and for what purposes. It is clear that we have embraced technology to be a necessary part of our lives, even in the third world! So i urge caution, do not underestimate the pace or effect that technology is going to have on our world and cultures in the coming generations. If you live in a city, most like your children will become a part of this brave new world, this dystopian system of control and oppression. In my opinion there is only way out, to live in Zion so to speak.. to take yourself and live a life connected to the nature and the natural flow.

With that said, i hope you enjoy reading our community posts on this very important subject!


This weeks' @ecotrain Question of the Week is something different than what we're used to. @eco-alex mentions in his post that he watched a video featuring real-life villain for some, super-hero for others, Elon Musk explaining about a project he has been working on. This project called 'Neuralink' hoping to produce some sort of chip that can be implanted in people and would...well, what would it do? (shivers...) We can all imagine what it can do. It could range from not needing a passport or ID (scary stuff), being able to learn languages fast, to something far more Orwellian like mind control or worse (jeez, what's worse than mind control?). The question is, would I take it?


Restoration [Poetry]

If, in some future where an implant Slid into the sliced skin, muscles Became part of the corpuscular flow, the neural networking Lurked underneath the body’s topography Inserted into the brain, lazer thin, slivered chips Made us cyborg, super human, superseding Our landscape of mortality with it’s human suffering


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Cyborg as an improved human alternative?

What until recently was only science fiction, It could be becoming a near reality, thanks to technological advances, although it is still undergoing experimentation. Technology is moving towards "increasing" natural human capacities with cybernetic devices capable of creating superhumans, the chips that are installed in the brain would contribute to improving human capabilities, beyond current limitations, such as aging, disease, the limitations of speed, strength, endurance and intelligence.



I'm back again on the @ecotrain, and this week the QOTW is whether we would like to gain superpowers via biotech implants.

To give a rough outline of the scenario: Apparently today's technology is on the brink of providing WiFi chips into our nervous system, which could enable us to learn anything instantly, get X-ray and night-vision, or a number of other conceivable “superpowers”. What follows are a few of my immediate reactions to this, as they popped into my mind while sitting at the Auckland airport in a semi-daze, trying to type the hours away.

Instant Knowledge, Do I Really Want It?


This is another week question of @ecotrain. I think it's an interesting topic so I would love to join, after all he said anyone can join.

Power, good deeds and privileged. Who wouldn't love that sort of thing. Everyone maybe but only few are willing to do this thing. Being superhero means you have lot of sacrifices. Dp you still remember what Spiderman said?

Great power, comes with a great responsibility
spider man

That is true, you will be called a superhero because of your heroism. For example a soldier. He joined the battle field even if the soldier knew already that he might be dead or still alive. But why do you think they're doing that? It's because they will fight for their country in order to achieve liberty.


All this talk of implants and chips that can give you super human powers, with the tremendous advances in AI , this seems to be the way of the future. I'm very interested in that, listening to Elon Musk speaking of the future and the developments they have been making


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Thanks for including my post and I appreciate your QOTW for it was a topic I had been thinking on and which I agree with you will be part of our future!
Off to check out those other wonderful responses and looking forward to the next @ecotrain question of the week!

thank you for including me this time, lol.. indeed it's a tough question but it gave me an idea how to express my dreams.lol

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You must be watching apex tv YT chennel these days 😂😂😂

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This was a tough one which had me mulling things over all week, but not actually sure on how to approach it. I may come back to it at a later date. Well done for those who managed to give it a go.

I've been pondering this all week, actually, and it needed a BOOK to reply properly, which is why I didn't. The question still had enormous value. Short version answer? The brain and what we DO or THINK doesn't make us human - our HEART does. Being super-human is about having a bigger heart, and nothing else. Yay you for doing the tie up from the ashram. x

I think you missed mine.

Thanks again for the feature, the discussion, and the prompt as an opportunity to respond to this very interesting subject.