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An interesting QOTW this week, on a more scientific theme than usual, but one well worth looking at! It was nice to see a quite a few of you managed to get your heads around the science and post some very interesting responses. Overall i think its fair to say that most of us, including me, are quite open to these new technologies since they really do have the potential to improve our lives and the world beyond measure. What a few of us did flag up was a very important warning and caution. What I have learned in life is that it's not so much the technology, but how we use it and for what purpose or intention that matters. With smart thinking, Xenobots and other emerging technologies could take us to the Garden Of Eden. On the other hand, if we act blindly and without wisdom and our humanity, we risk becoming what most dark versions of the future look like.

Please do check the following posts, or some of them. I often find new interesting people to follow and connect with looking at tie up posts. Nice job ecoTrain community!



I have thought about this question for a while now, well since it was put forward by @eco-alex and when I read it first my initial reaction was to go hell no, this is not a good thing. But I really wanted to give myself some time to think about it. I know that it is inevitable, that technology is always going to advance, because that is the nature of it.

I have always been weary of technology, the fact that it takes us further and further away from what is natural, that it pulls our attention away from ourselves and the earth.

But then I get involved in this platform and suddenly I had turned into one of those people who spends x amount of time staring at a screen each day. I had become that person that months earlier, I just couldn't identify with. So things change, we change and that is as it should be, we are meant to evolve.


Frankenstein's Xenobots - Or An Exciting New Cure?

I love the story of Frankenstein, because I adore the thought of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, on a dark and stormy night, sitting down with two great poets (her husband and Lord Byron) to write a horror story, and her, a woman, penning one of the most famous stories every written. It's a story of men playing God with science, and what happens when it goes afoul - as well as man's inability to take responsibility for their actions - let alone poor parenting. Victor Frankenstein, when confronted with his creation, shuns the poor creature in horror:

It is as if he can only truly see it after it is made, so fevered was he with the excitement of his vision of bringing a corpse - or a selection of corpse parts - to life. His 'child', sadly, becomes a monster, feared and shunned. Through a modern reader's eyes, it is possible to feel empathy for the re-animated man, because had he not been rejected so, he might have behaved a bit better. Like any man, he yearned to be loved, and accepted by his father. No such luck:


Technology, increasingly futuristic, has invented a natural and robotic device, at the same time to attack many diseases. This is the point of reflection for the present QOTW, a look into the future with technological advances ready to serve humanity or at least a part of humanity that has the capacity to pay for a service of "Internal Body Cleaning to be free of disease."

According to what @ecotrain suggests based on its previous research carried out before launching this QOTW, xenobots are a technological response to the fight against many diseases in the future. It is interesting to note how everything points to the fact that the implementation stage of this marvel is well advanced and promises to be effective in the detection and treatment of the ills that afflict humanity. And, if it is not too much, I want to clarify for those who do not know or have not read the weekly QOTW of @ecotrain, what is a Xenobot.


I am always a fan of new discoveries and advancement in technology and that's why most of my post always include one new discoveries or innovation or the other in medicine.

Haven critically studied this **Xenobots, I can say personally that we need it in our world.

My reasons

As they would say, if you want to be rich, solve a problem that the entire world are in dare need of solution to.

Considering the fact that they are biodegradable, this simply means, once they are done exerting their effect or therapeutic function, they leave the body system. We don't have to worry much about it remaining or reverting to become a virulent agent that will cause disease. They obviously won't have to remain in the body system or the environment once they are done with their job.

Since they contain stem cell, it simply means that are able to self replicate thus giving them that rejuvenating ability to make dormant cells active. This also means that they will play very important role in stem cell and gene therapy. One of the major challenge faced in using gene therapy is the delivery of the foreign DNA to the target cell. Usually, viral vectors are used ( very dangerous) but since this xenobots are able to move, they could be used in place of the viral vectors, thus solving the major challenge faced in gene therapy.


> Xenobots are self-healing microbots that are designed and programmed by a computer (an evolutionary algorithm) and built from the ground up using biological cells.

In this particular era we're living technological advancements for me isn't what should terrify us and this is because the world hasn't gotten with primitiveness but with the striving and breakthrough of science and development. Of course we don't know often scare us, but in fact the awareness of the things we choose not to know might kill us. Xenobots are bi-robots which means they're alive and respond to stimuli. They can be used for things like delicate surgical procedures and treatment and they fact that they're biodegradable is one reason why I think Xenobots should excite us. I speak more on the prospect of Xenobots in this video and why we should be excited by it rather than be scared.



Have you ever watched the series Outlander, or one of those movies around the 1700-1800s that show you how medicine used to be practiced? Looking back on it now some of it looks barbaric, and half the time they get the diagnosis completely wrong. A shining example would be the practice of Trepanning, that is drilling holes into someone’s skull. They thought that their medical problems were due to evil or bad spirits! Or Blood-letting, which was based on the idea that sickness was merely the result of a little bad blood. Or how about the use of Mercury! Mercury is notorious for its toxic properties, but it was once used as a common elixir and topical medicine. The ancient Persians and Greeks considered it a useful ointment, and second-century Chinese alchemists prized liquid mercury, or “quicksilver,” and red mercury sulfide for their supposed ability to increase lifespan and vitality.


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@ecotrain, In my opinion here very effectively you've explained the Concept Of Duality. Everything is neutral aspect first but Human Beings are the one who makes something meaningful and helpful or harmful. Stay blessed.

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Nice post ...

I missed this one, good to see everyone's response. Advanced technology does have it's pros and cons. Hi-Technology is a boon sometimes. A year ago when my hubby had to undergo a Thymectomy, the doctor informed us that they would do a Robotic surgery against the traditional one which was done with a big scar on the chest area and also since the thymus area is so close to the heart it had it's own risk. It was amazing to know about it and also a relief that it would be done in a much safer way, though at the end of it we didnt get it done and we went for some traditional medicines.
So all said and done pros and cons of it.

i hope it worked out well, it can be so hard to choose which way to go...
and yes even today there are some robots performing operations.. kind of scary in a way! x

I'm going to have a read and jump in on this with a belated post, not sure how I missed this, probably 'cos there's so much drama going on!

This was such a daunting and overwhelming topic! LOL... KUDOS to the great responses! Definitely food for thought, and love the engagement with new technology. I'm still mulling over the question of WHY though - we can do ALL OF THAT with energy and focus and intent, if we are clear and trained in mindful practice & energy medicine. That's the gist of what I would have written, had I got there. LOL.

Keep up the great posts, blogging, photographs, vlogging & inspiration.

With Love From ecoTrain