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RE: Restoration [Poetry]

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Even your poetry pushes at the Brave New World edges.... wonderful. Especially wonderful that you found a poem lurking, cos that tells me you are caring for yourself better and finding perspective.

I loved the way your heart informed how this super-new-cyborg existence would change the world through healing others. So very Nat Med and so very YOU.

"....the world needs vision, however terrifying it might be, as much as it needs regulation and conversations about the ethics of such technologies." Nailed it with this. :)

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A high praise indeed, and really appreciated, dear @artemislives. Thanks so much. It's funny - the first line just appeared to me almost immediately I read the QOTW! My heart did speak before my brain, which was a sure sign to go for poetry.

I totally believe that our first reaction shouldn't be rejection of ideas, however wild they might be. I can see that Musk may not have won any friends in Thailand, but still, his visions get people talking about just what we're capable of with enough money, effort and vision! We don't live in a comic book world where technology immediately leads to evil, but indeed we need the necessary ethical checks to ensure we don't destroy ourselves.