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RE: Why is "for-profit" not bad? - Arguments against Etatism/ Interventionism and for Austrian School/ Agorism

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so how do you wanna run your country? or a ur household or little business without money?

like in communism?

you should read austrian school instead of harvard..


I asked you.

Thanks, but I've read enough about communism, socialism, marxism, keynianism
so I already know the first two..

Do you?

I'll bet you one hbd that you don't know any of those authors.
Without them, you don't know communism, you know its bastardization.

I've read them and know ancom - liked that
I don't like communism, way too much died cuz of Stalin, Lenin, Mao and it's not to help people like us

ancom is more the right way, but still doesnt practically work in larger scale - the market is missing

ancap / libertarism/ agorism with free market economies (austrian school) works and scales (you can see that in bitcoin) - still it didnt manage to really manifest yet cuz people (govs, anti-market communists/ socialists - basically people who have no clue and are afraid of illusions created by their leaders) always fight against it and intervene in market mechanisms

interventionism / etatism is the status quo.

just let go

there can both be ancap and ancom communities simultaneously, while profiting from each other - still I now tell you ancap, libertarism, btc, austrian school will run the world cuz it scales (you also know that - or why do you want bitcoin or hive?)

but it's a long way to go

that's also why I focus on active doing, instead of sitting around reading books, atm

I've read enough and know what I want and where to go
thanks for the hbd :P

way too much died cuz of Stalin, Lenin, Mao

You really should read the books I give you, it is hard to confront ignorance, especially when willful.

An-crap is a contradiction in terms.
Anarchists never supported crapitalsim, historically.
It is a bastardization in an attempt to appeal to the ignorant among both.

I've read enough and know what I want and where to go
thanks for the hbd :P

If education was easy, everybody would have one, imo.

dude. crapitalism IS NOT capitalism and free market economy.

it is hard to confront ignorance, especially when willful.

yes. it is.
That's why you should learn about free market economy.. but you don't want to.

I don't care anymore.

Do what you gotta do.

Yea. there never was any communism ever anywhere. especially not in ussr LOOLLLL

that's also why the communist long-time plan doesnt destroy europe atm - oh it does? how if it didnt exist?

stop the bullshit.

you always say stop following orders. SO WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU AGAINST FREE MARKET ECONOMY?!?!?!?! and therefore free human action?

especially not in ussr LOOLLLL

Yes, union of soviet socialist republics.
Not communist republics, socialist.
It's right there in the name.
Your fakeducation was propoganda and/or misinformation, intentionally.

I'm not against free action, just your characterization of what that is.

Crapitalism requires a servant class and a served class.
This is the only route to profits under a crapitalistic regime.
Either I force you to work for less cash than I get for your work or the whole shebang collapses.

Stop forcing people to work for cash, eh?
We are all in this together.

Peacefulness doesn't come from dog eat dog, winner take all management systems.

your mind is fucked