¡Fake it till you Make it!

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I really don't care if this post isn't upvoted, noticed, viewed, read, consumed, digested or reblogged. Because the truth is that it is not about that. Throughout this last week I have been writing and sharing a series of posts about economics, finance, society and the future that are starting to become more frequent than I would like. But I do it only because sometimes it gives me the impression that there are also many people out there than I would like, who doesn't catch a damn about what currently is happening around them right in front of their noses.

For them especially is to whom this short and brief post is heartily dedicated. Because I consider it necessary that everyone, absolutely everyone, see themselves reflected throughout the mirrors scattered all around in the following documentary.

¡Everyone! big and small, old and young. The formers, because they need to recapitulate and become aware of what they have already gone through so that a true change can take place. And the latter, so that they learn from their elders and predecessors so as not to make the same mistakes that they are so likely to repeat again these days. The traps and tricks of those who are temporarily in power are becoming more sophisticated every day. ¡And no doubt we have to be careful with that!

So, you can take this article "out of the blue" as you really wish. That my only intention here today has been to prepare you for a next post I will write that will deal in depth with "The Cashless Society and A World Without Money" if that please your fancy. Because for me there is no longer any doubt that we are already going through it big time. And I just suspect that some of us would like to be prepared.

So without much more to add, let's now see what it is about.


People always forget! Oh yeah! the PUBLIC always forget!

And just in case you don't have the patience and stamina to consume the documentary from start to finish in one fell swoop. Let me tell you that I already had everything coldly calculated. And for the same reason, I will leave below a couple of music videos so that you can be entertained and distracted for a while and once you feel rested and you are relaxed, then you can resume the life lesson one more time where you had left it. Because ¡Music Is Balm For The Soul! did you know?

¡Help me!

¡Shake it baby!

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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Nope, your post didn't go by unnoticed :) I even took the 50+ minutes to watch the vid. Nothing new under the horizon, to me at least. Actually, had to laugh more than a few times when politicians, bankers and VCs talked.

Every time I visit the USA and travel a little through that country, I'm baffled about how poor that country really is. And when I talk with the average higher middle class (and up) peeps, am even more baffled when most of them say: Why should top salaries be capped? Why is it a problem that eg the current CEO of Apple demanded a 2 Billion $ package for that position?

That said, am also astonished many USA citizens are so badly informed, they never look at societies that do (much) better in terms of the poor being much less poor and the rich being much less rich (the latter is possibly a consequence of the previous). In Europe, we have Scandinavia and Germanic countries as better examples of how a capitalistic system with boundaries set by society/government, can work. Not saying that everything is cool and hunky-dory in these countries, not even saying poverty doesn't exist in these countries, but at least examples of how things can be implemented better to the systems in the USA and UK. But but but, it's like the lady from the German bank says at the end of the documentary: "In time, people forget all the wrong."

That is the crux of everything and the state the world is in. People forget; People don't want to know; People don't care. Obviously am generalising right now, since some people won't forget, won't like to be ignorant, and do care. But I think I can safely say, most are not. The haves I mean. The don't haves, spend all their energy to survive day by day, whilst the haves don't care about society, but their own pocket alone. Ok ok ok, again generalising, but you understand what I mean ;)

End Yes: keep the posts and messages coming, many many peeps still need to get their eyes opened!

Nope, your post didn't go by unnoticed :) I even took the 50+ minutes to watch the vid.

Thank you! I couldn't expect less from you. :D

Actually, had to laugh more than a few times when politicians, bankers and VCs talked.

Yeah! they all are indeed a bunch of "funny" bastards. LoL

That is the crux of everything and the state the world is in. People forget; People don't want to know; People don't care.

A long time ago, in my youth. I had the opportunity to live and mingle with many wealthy families and therefore I had many close friends and acquaintances who came from well-off families and without many economic problems which at that time could have been relevant to any reason for concerns in a near future.

Basically all of them were able to enjoy all the pleasures that life and circumstances offered them at that time. And they rarely deprived themselves of what life offered them. Almost all of them were able to choose to study the career they liked the most and become professionals in it to make a living and develop a future.

But as with everything in life, nothing is eternal. The world changes, things change, we get old and with it we acquire more experiences and eventually wisdom. Nothing stays the same in this material world. Our perspective changes. Just as the perspectives and circumstances of our closest family members and that of all our loved ones change. Nothing within this planet is constant, permanent and unchanging.

The only thing that does not seem to vary within this planet. It's that we are all exposed to the force of gravity. And as long as we continue to be simple biological entities and mortal organisms within a material world that for our survival we keep thinking that we'll need to rise above others through selfishness, vanity, greed and extracting and hoarding more than we need in order to try to be happier than others. Sooner than later the force of gravity will come to drag us back to earth and to the reality of an ever-changing material world that never submits to our whims. So it has always been and so it will continue to be per secula seculorum. :D

Now excuse me for this long and gloomy spiel my friend. It actually has nothing to do with your great comment or with you directly. Maybe I just got carried away a little too much by the influence of my last and most recent post. Hahahaha };)


I do hope indeed gravity in literal and philosophical sense will indeed drag peeps back into reality, including the notion that anything to do with materialism is not gonna give us true happiness. I do feel the number of peeps that start to realise this, is growing. Who knows, maybe we humans will find ourselves a way out and realise we will be better people and feel more positive when we start caring instead of being selfish.

No worries to get carried away. I really like the way you try and educate the peeps here at HIVE. Your newer, referred post about the Mexican and American is a great example, again. You know, it's just a few decades ago that I was taught a business person, let's say a director of a factory, always needed to get address all stakeholders in his/her decision-making, not only including the shareholders, but also the employees, village where all the workers live(d), the local bakery, butcher and whatnot. Since the 90s, this started to change, also in my country, adopting the American way more and more. I can only say: I don't like this transition that we went through last few decades.