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RE: Hive Powered Genetics is An Active Business!

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In this world, Lex Talionis Brother.

Speaking of eCommerce, this is an overvalued post in my opinion.

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YOU started flagging ME. crazy fuck

lol flagging yes, but the attention, that started when I asked to be removed from this community peacefully (due to unwanted attention from you and someone called LiquidMike in your chat), you seemed to find the time in your day to come pester me and unwanted attention is one of the most common uses of the downvote feature. I will now go comment on the comments, already labeled 1 and 2 from a few days ago.

Not like I would know where those memes and passive aggressive mentally came from right?

Not like you're passive aggressively standing up for someone who I am 100% done with if they don't make a reasonable offer for @hivecannabis. which I can show you the transaction I CLAIMED THE ACCOUNT IN.

So I hope you enjoy choking on your own lunch because all was said and done with, what you just did was piss me off and now youre going to get downvoted because I see most of your content to be harassment and I dont want to support people that act this way in the communities I am a part of.

Have a good day and feel free to kiss my ass anytime, apologies go a long way and I was only mad that people were disrespecting MY RIGHT TO CLAIM ANY ACCOUNT I WANT ON THE BLOCK CHAIN... You want to talk shit you little punk, here you go. I was going to order some spores, but I guess I will take that sale else where as well..


passive aggressive 101

Not educated 101

Im muting you because at this point i believe you are actually mentally unstable.

You're entitled to your own opinion, its confusing why you would go posting insulting memes about someone who you think is mentally unstable as well???


passive aggressive 101

hides from their problems 101

Oh, and if you want to see crazy just ask bitch, thats easy for me I was just getting frisky here