Some considerations on climate change

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Dear readers, this time we will address some aspects related to climate change, since it is currently one of the most important global problems that has increased rapidly, which has generated that government institutions worldwide are conducting studies, conferences and agreements with the intention of solving this situation. In this same order of ideas, it is important to point out that climate change has focused on what we know as global warming, which is produced by the excessive accumulation of greenhouse gases.

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In the same sense, it is important to mention that the greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon that is generated in the atmosphere due to atmospheric gases such as methane, carbon dioxide among others to keep the earth with an adequate temperature and ensure the survival of the beings that inhabit the earth, otherwise the entire earth would have very low temperatures which would make life on the planet difficult. From the aforementioned, it can be deduced that global warming is due to the excessive accumulation of greenhouse gases, which causes the earth to warm up or increase the temperature more than usual.

At present there is a lot of uncertainty regarding climate change and the consequences that this can cause, among the implications that are most mentioned are the imbalance or alteration of rainfall cycles, decrease in the biodiversity of ecosystems and prolonged periods of droughts and rains. Agriculture is one of the activities that since the arrival of the industrial revolution and the use of technological packages based on synthetic products have generated greenhouse gas emissions, that is why agroecological paradigms have now begun to be socialized in search of a balance through practices that are friendly to the environment.

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Below, we share with you some of the greenhouse gases and what are the reasons that have caused their increase in the atmosphere.

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): this gas is a natural component of the atmosphere, which is used by plants to carry out the process of photosynthesis, but its increase is due to the increase in deforestation of forests, significantly decreasing the uptake of this gas to incorporate it into the soil as carbon and coupled with it to the burning of fossil fuels for the generation of electricity among other human activities.

  • Methane (CH4): this gas is emitted by multiple natural factors and also by the action of man, in a natural way it can be generated in the digestive process of ruminants for example cows, therefore, there have been multiple campaigns against meat consumption, because they identify these animals as one of the main causes of methane gas generation, despite this, I think that excessive emissions of this gas by cattle farming can be controlled, if the management of these animals in meadows consuming what is required and not in confined systems. Such gas is also produced in garbage dumps and the burning of fossil fuels.

Final considerations
Dear readers, there are other greenhouse gases that were not mentioned in the publication, but that in the same way significantly influence the warming of the earth if they are in excess in the atmosphere. As stated at the beginning of the manuscript, these climatic imbalances have attracted the attention of scientists and organizations, which has resulted in some paradigms for production, currently known as sustainable development, which focuses on taking into account not only the economic component but also the environmental and social.

Thank you for reading us, until a next opportunity

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greetings @amestyj .
No doubt that the earth is our home and we think it is not so, we are destroying it with our actions and misuse of it, when we understand that we are part of it and learn to want to be better for all and we will leave a teaching pra future generations.
Thank you very much for sharing your publication

Greetings dear @dimarmaca, certainly when we understand the damage we cause to the earth with the excessive exploitation of natural resources and we all direct efforts to reduce this situation, the ecosystems will begin to maintain a harmonious balance.

So long, have a great week.

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